MOD Desc

Enhances building designator controls.


Drag with right click
– Cancels blueprints
– If no cancelable blueprints found, deselects designator.
– If left clicked while dragging, deselects designator.

Drag with left click
– (If current selected blueprint is not draggable)
Constantly places blueprint

Middle click
– Selects designator of buildings below mouse

Partly inspired by Prison Architect controls

Can safely add/remove from existing save.

Tested mods
– Designator Shapes
– Draggable Corners

I played this game already for countless hours before the steam release and I’m still doing so.
it won’t get boring, one of the advantages of a large and very good modding community. You will alway find new challenges to master. Make sure to visit the forums though, you won’t find all the good mods on steam.

In general, I can highly recommend this to any player who likes base building games, with a lot of strategic decisions mixed with the strong survival aspect of the game.
As most of the reviews mentioned, there are a many similarities to ‘Prison Architect’, due to the angled top down view and the the building system ( single blocks, put together to build your desired colony / prison ).
I played some Prison Architect, but I never really enjoyed it, so I can say I like RimWorld a lot better!

You can play your colony simply as a base builder, recruit people and have a prospering place to live. Or you can go hardcore, fight against nature and hostile factions. There is surely a setup you will enjoy. From basebuilder to real struggle to survive is everything included. This game offers you a real challenge if you are up to it!
Theres is a lot of detail to the game and your colonists. Social interactions with other colonists, ranging from hate to marriage. A health system where you can lose and replace limbs and organs. Individual traits for the colonists making them a super soldier, doc or that guy who is always on the edge to a mental break.
The combat system is divided into melee and ranged and you can get into big and epic firefights when 20 pirates start to raid your colony and you have to defend against them. You can set up your defensive system over the whole map and generate a new layout never seen before.
Set up a big prison wing to keep all the prisoners, captured during enemy raids and convince them to join you.
There are not only human threats, but also mechanoids, advanced killing machines, which can be the end to an unprepared colony. Nature itself can make it a struggle to feed everybody, when the sun is covered for months during a volcanic winter. Or a solar flare disables your heaters when its -60°C outside.
A lot can happen and there is enough material for a very good story.

This can make your first start a bit tricky, but over the course of time you will learn to deal with each situation and I’m sure at some point, there will be another great colony somewhere in the endless vastness of space …

There are complaints about the lack of multiplayer, but I think they are unjustified. There is no real need for it. However, I can agree that I would enjoy to visit or raid other colonies, AI or not. It goes hand in hand with the fact, that you are currently restricted to the piece of land where you start. There is no possibility to take a few colonist and wander off to start another colony on the same planet ( a generated map from where you can choose your start biome ). This would allow you to trade and do all the interactional stuff and I would love to see that.
Always keep in mind that this is still an Alpha version and that there is a lot of time to implement mechanics into the game.
I give a lot of credit to the developer, he keeps every new version perfectly playable. With each update there is new content to explore.

If you are still not sure whether you should buy this game, there are a lot of videos about it. I already made several Let’s Plays myself with various setups. You can check out the newest one here:
This is the corresponding playlist:

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