Electric Butcher Table

MOD Desc
Version: 1.4

Adds an electric butcher table to quickly process meat and vegetables.



Work speed : 1.75 (.75 faster than a standard butcher table)
Cost : 125 Steel, 2 Components
Power draw : 200W
Slightly cleaner than a standard butcher table as well


  • Veggie Blend 1.0
  • Meat Blend 1.0
  • VGP Garden Tools
  • VGP Vegetable Garden
  • Rim of Madness – Bones
  • Rimworld Farming
  • Feed The Colonists
  • –Change Log–

    *1.1: Corrected the build cost from 25 steel to 125.

    *1.2: Made the bench require the electricity technology, also added support for the Veggie Blend and Meat Blend mods.

    *1.3: Added mod support for VGP Vegetable Garden, VGP Garden Tools, Rim of Madness – Bones, Rimworld Farming.

    *1.4: Added mod support for Feed The Colonists.

    So I had my colony of Fawge Town thriving. Technology was good, chokepoint was good. But then something happened that at the time i didn’t believe was a big deal. Toxic Fallout. Stay inside otherwise you and your animals will get sick over time, collapse and die.

    Anyway I didnt give it much thought. However only 4 days had passed when I realised the food was running out. And the only food source I had left were my three huskies and pet Panther. It was a hard choice but I had to slaughter one of my dogs and prepare her meat so that the rest of the colony could survive.. for two more days.

    Day 6 I had run out of food again and this time I had to slaughter another Husky and my pet Panther which had helped me defend the colony from many raids.

    The day after their sacrifice was made the toxic fallout ended.. And their deaths were in vain.

    I have not played a game that made me think so hard on a decision. I seriously thought my colony was going to starve to death. If I make it – It’s going to be for those poor huskies and pet panther =(

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