Fahrenheit and Celsius

MOD Desc
Displays both fahrenheit and celsius in the temperature display.

Which is displayed first depends on the temperature setting in the options.

Most of the game guides and wikis tend to discuss the game in celsius, but I only really understand temperature in fahrenheit. I didn’t want to compromise, so I made this mod.


  • I just checked the temps using google and couldn’t find an error. Fahrenheit doen’t become more negative than celsius until they cross at -40 degrees if thats what you mean. Otherwise if there is still a problem then let me know the specific degree that is wrong and what it should be (since I checked around -10C and couldn’t find anything).
  • Celcius isn’t that complicated. All values are in degrees:-273.15 C = The absolute limit to how cold something can be. / aka. Absolute Zero / 0 Kelvin-200 C = Many gases freezes to solid form-100 C = Many gases freezes to liquid form-50 C = Insanely cold / Arctic weather-25 C = Incredibly cold-10 C = Very cold0 C = Water freezes to ice / you’ll start seeing frost outside / food stops deteriorating when lower than this. / 273.15 Kelvin5 C = Cold temperature10 C = Very cool outside15 C = Cool temperature18 – 23 C = Room temperature / most comfortable temperature range24 – 26 C = You can be naked comfortably in room temperature within this range37 C = Human body temerature60 – 80 C = Sauna temperature100 C = Water boils to vapor150 – 200 C = Oven temperature for making most meals~5500 C = Surface temperature of the sun~1.4×1032 C = Theoretical temperature of absolute hotness (only very few people have achieved this)
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  • Thank you for this. As an American, I grew up seeing mostly Fahrenheit, only to persue a career in science that required me to learn the metric system. It was a challenge to wrap my head around something that was so different than what I was used to seeing… something that my family and teachers claimed was a waste of time and would never be useful later in life. *facepalm* By presenting both options next to one another, I believe it makes it easier for people to unconsciously train themselves to see the relationship between the values and allow us Americans to learn metrics without feeling like we are being forced to. 🙂

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