MOD Desc
Ever asked yourself,
‘where did I put that orbital bombardment?’
‘How many chunks are left on the map?’
‘I wonder how many shirts the colony has left?’
‘Who took the masterwork Thrumbo pants?’

With the Inventory tab mod, you will never misplace, miss or lose an item ever again!

View every item in the stockpiles!
Options to search the whole map, colonist, animal, prisoners and even the dead!
Has a handy search bar!
Japanese Translation (Thanks to Proxyer)
German Translation (Thanks to Amalek):

Version 2.0: Now with saving options! (and minor bug fixes)

Version 1.5 : Now with options menu!


Disclamier: 1.0 version of this mod is broken but usable I’m trying to see if I can fix it in the coming days but no guarantees.

WARNING! The mod has a slight impact on fps when the tab is opened and you have a high number of items, it gets worse the farther you zoom out and speed up time.

it’s a tab at the bottom far right near the Menu tab. Funny that you ask about the hotkey though, that’s why I’m here. 🙂 To ask if one can be assigned. I’m setting up my Steam Controller, and want all of my most used tabs assigned to a button press, via a hotkey. is that something that could be added? This mod is a lifesaver when trying to locate specific items that could be scattered who knows where 😛

Malkav is right, and the github version works. Step by step instructions for people unfamiliar with github:* Go to the github page* There is a green ‘Clone or download’ button, click that* Choose ‘Download ZIP’* Extract the zip to ‘SteamLibrarysteamappscommonRimWorldMods’* Restart the game* Now you’ll have 2 InventoryTab mods, switch off the red one from steam, and enable the white one with the ‘folder’ icon* Restart the game* Profit

Does the FPS impact occur only when the tab is open or searching? Or does the impact happen constantly? (The only way it should be constant is if the mod constantly tries to keep track of all items on the map, even when the tab is closed.)If the FPS impact is constant, have you considered some way to temporarily disable the item tracking to save on performance, then re-enable it later?

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