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I present, RimTasers: Reloaded!

Based on the Rimtaser mod created by Snake, (with permission), I have edited the mod to fix various issues, added both the X26 and X2 Tasers to the game. (X2 has more range and quick cool down to use as opposed to the original X26).

After researching Electricity & Gun Smithing, you are able to research tasers. Once you have done this, you are then able to craft both tasers from the machining table.

This shouldn’t affect save games as it only adds new weapons, let me know if it does though!


Hello! Thankyou for being patient and waiting for the update to this mod. It adds some more balancing features as well as 7 more new taser weapons! The research has it’s own tab and sections so have fun, any more balancing issues will be resolved in the coming days as I’m aware of it.

Supports SimpleSidearms and Combat Shields now.


Snake – Original Author
Survivalmaster – Bug Fixing, New Textures

Join my Discord! – https://discord.gg/uFrPtj4

  • Uhm, could you maybe add a toggle for a bit simplified research paths? I usually like to progress through each stage of tech in my playthrough (i finish all industrial tech research before going to the next one). However this mod adds over 15000 points of research, cause of all the individual taser researches for each individual weapon. It is a bit overkill imo. 7500 to research a taser sniper when you already can make rifles, while geothermal generators take 3600 is a bit overkill. Maybe branch it into basic tasers, simple tasers (pistols) and advanced tasers (shotgun, rifle, sniper)?
  • – Hi, unsure if you know but Snake has said his mod wouldn’t continued to be updated so I asked if I could now do this. I may be adding some more variants of tasers in. As for the old mod, they use different defsI believe, all I would suggest is removing the other and using this to avoid any hard issues but that’s up to you, experiment. :)- No, I don’t know how to add compatibility so if anyone wants to help with that hit me up. :)- As far as I know no, but it’s not impossible! Suppose they may want to steal your colonists.;)- Great idea man, cheers for adding this on there.
  • Better weapons in the vanilla cost more, damage more, takes more time to build and is worth more.Work needed isn’t worth a lot, because when you have a minimum amount of pawns, it’s not a problem to get someone to craft.A simple way we could calculate worth, is this way:The X2 is 2x faster, has 1.5X more range and deals 1.2x more damage.The X2 should be worth 2 x 1.5 x 1.2 = 3.6 times more than the X26But… 360 steel + 36 component is a lot for a gun that tases… don’t you think?
  • Thanks so much for the update! This is by far the best non-lethal option I’ve found for taking prisoners, interrupting mental breaks, deterring manhunters and sparing the lives of family member raiders.Elizabeth It doesn’t seem to trigger hostile reactions, allowing for hunting large fauna (thrumbos, gallatross, brontos, etc) with no manhunter reaction; and downing trader pack animals with no consequences. If you’re going to address it I figure all the use cases for the ‘exploit’ I know of could help you tweak the balance. Without being a coder/modder etc. my ‘random guy on the internet’ suggestion would be to add a single point (or fractional point if possible) of damage to trigger combat responses; based on what I’ve read of how armor works if you could make the attack have a negative armor penetration value (may not be possible, don’t know the underlying code/engine/whatever limitations)Thanks so much again!!
  • this little jewel became my insta favs, only bad thing I noticed – raiders that die from the tasers don’t always give organs when harvested, even though the script says so (using in combo with the postmortem organ harvest mod) noticed that if i use other guns, the organ output is norml, well depending how i tweak the settings, again great mode, especially challeging when other raiders have taser or when getting an infestation and the hives don’t take damage, it’s funny seeing them shooting constantly at them (melee works in those chases) :))))
  • Survivalmaster (Im not a modder to start off, I just looked into it a bit) Seems there is very little talk about how to accomplish this, but it appears the game decides if whether an npc is allowed to spawn with a certain weapon based on what is in , in the case of the taser, it’s classified as a SimpleGun-SimpleGunIt could be that that just needs to be changed to something that does not fall under the scope of what npc pawns are allowed to have to prevent them spawning with it. (I had them spawn on industrial age hostiles)Alternatively, turrets have a special line that prevents them spawning on pawns. Im not 100% on if this would work for a regular gun as I cant actually find any guns that can be crafted but not spawned with.falseMight be worth some testing, can’t be sure about any of this stuff as i’m not a modder myself 😛

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