Fake Flowers

MOD Desc
Just because your colony is a dystopian hellscape doesn’t mean it can’t also be pretty! Decorate your colony with beautiful silk flowers and lush moss to create an idealic paradise that almost manages to drown out the wails of the prisoners slated for organ harvesting.

– Flowers as a floor. Put it anywhere! Even indoors! I’m not going to tell you how to live your life.
– Flower bushes. Layer it however you want. Rules are meaningless.
– Glowing flower bushes. Everyone likes LEDs, right?
– Moss. I like moss.

Needs research Carpet Making. Glowing flowers need Carpet Making and Colored Lights.

I highly recommend these mods. They work really well with this. It’s almost like I use them in my own game or something…


Though I have barely any play time on steam I have played this game for over a year now, and easily have 500 hours clocked.

Rimworld is a colony builder sim similar to games like dwarf fortress and dungeon keeper. It looks like prison architect, but dont be fooled by its simple art style, its has a complex combat system takes into account things like visibility, cover, weather and injuries.

The difficulty level in the game is dictated by storyteller ai that throw different events at you. Storytellers range from merciful to sadistic and help create moments of desperation and victory that make this game so intriguing.

The game is easily modded and tweaked, and regularly updated. The dev Tynan Sylvester and his team are really dedicated and post up regular updates on the dev blog.

Some of my experiences with the recent updates include: Having to store human bodies for the winter when a blight wiped out most of my crops. Harvesting a colonist’s captured pirate uncle for organs when said colonist lost a lung fighting said uncle. A love story unfolded between a dull farm boy and a 3000 year old aristocrat, the farm boy ended up sacrificing his life to save the artistocrat when a cougar went mad and attacked the colony during the wedding ceremony. This game is all about the joyful and dark moments you’ll experience with your little colony.

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