NO Vanilla Music

MOD Desc
A 1.1 revival of Saltgin’s ‘Disable Vanilla Music’.

This mod removes VANILLA MUSIC from the game.

It is save-compatible and can be placed any where in the loadorder.

Here is another mod of mine that removes ONLY the Royalty music, not all vanilla music:

Well, ain’t such a bad spot for a colony after all, I guess. Been here for a year and a half, having enough food, electricity, even a bunch of nice houses an’ a little hospital place for me to work and take care of our people, as you see. Three more joined us after we crash landed, uhh… weirdly enough, one of those is the sister of my friend Matt. What’s her face… A yeah, Yoko. Then we got Sullivan. Ugly, poor guy… Ain’t good for much, but at least he’s having fun sweeping the floors. And then there’s Lynch.

That lady got by us, because she was chased by some tribe folk. I don’t know what she did, but those guys sure were mad at her. Well, whatever. She’s got the aiming, was a scout before, she told us. But no use getting much out of her, anyway. Seems like she doesn’t like man that much, always giving us that nasty stink eye… When she arrived, she had constant, terrible pain in her chest. Turned out she had lung cancer, growing. Not good.

You gotta learn to deal with that. But you also gotta learn to deal with those darn tribe idiots, trying to raid our little home sweet home again an’ again! That one time there were five guys, with clubs and bows. I don’t know why they’re still trying that… but our rifles and pistols sure get the job done. Maybe my aim was a little off or something, three of these savages survived.

So, we pick them up off the ground, pack them in our little prison cell and start the medical treatment, because we’re good folk, we ain’t killing for fun just because they’re hostile and so on… However, that one poor boy, only seventeen I believe, Matt made a fine swiss cheese out of him. No way that boy’s gonna make it, I said. But weirdly enough his chest was still ok.

I know… You’re not supposed to talk about stuff like that but… whatever. I mean, one of our girls was in dire need of a new lung, y’know what I’m saying? Nobody really liked the idea, that’s a given. But nobody stopped me either, when I prepared the surgery. Someone’s gonna do the dirty work, Wilson, I say to myself all the time. And so I did.

Surely enough, a few days later Lynch approached me because of that lung. Even if she doesn’t like man, everybody know’s here that I’m the doc and I know what I’m doing. And getting her a new, healthy organ was my intention after all. I’m telling you, it was like some Frankensteins movie or something, a storm outside, thunder clapping, as I prepared everything. But I ain’t some crazy scientist, I got the job done, clean as it gets. Seems like I have the hands for it, ha.

When Lynch awoke, I never saw her smile like that. That horrible pain she felt from that nasty cancer, well, it was gone of course. Surgery was a full success, no problems at all. Wilson, she said, seems like you’re not such a weirdo after all. And we laughed, everybody was relieved. Good, hard times, I’m telling you.

Well… But, whatever. I’m not really sure why I’m telling you this right now, sedation should’ve hit you hard enough by now. Sullivan told me he has this weird itch in his gut, sooo…

… Where did I put my knife?

Based on true events. That’s RimWorld for you.

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