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‘Hey! Guys! Guys! Look at this!’

Emmie ran up, holding the remnants of a battered, burnt, and rain-damaged book. Barely visible on the cover were the words ‘ccupational Safety and Health Administration Guideli’.

‘It’s a book, Emmie. Unreadable, like all the others, I assume. We get them all the time. Toss it in the generator.’

‘What? Sorry, you’re talking to my missing ear.’


‘No, look! This page has writing on it!’

They clustered around to look at the single readable page. It said:

‘1927.35(b) – Human-lethal traps shall be treated as hazardous regardless of whether they are believed to be active. This prevents casualties caused by poorly-timed trap reset events.’

‘Huh. In retrospect, that’s not a bad idea’, Chef said, closing his remaining eye in thought.


This mod deters your colonists from walking through traps that have already been triggered. This (mostly) fixes a rare situation where a colonist decides to walk through a trap right as it’s being reset, and ends up literally losing their head.

Does not require a new save game – this can be transparently added and removed from any savegame you already have.

— If you like this, toss me a buck or two on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ZorbaTHut

— Visit https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=26623.msg269333#msg269333 for more info and other mods —

Is it maybe possible to have pawns preferentially avoid trap blueprints, too?I play with Minify Everything and use it to re-position traps now and again. A couple times, a pawn has done this and immediately lost a minor body part. Not even ten seconds later, as saw; immediately, suggesting that they were standing on the effing thing while setting it. It occurs to me that both ziv’s problem and mine might be mostly fixed by significantly increasing the pathing cost through a (non-forbidden) trap blueprint, even if it contains no resources.

oddball i kind of like osha now xD lol yeah im a welder and our shop had us doing stainless tig without any ventalation systems in our booths. lets just say its an easy way to get chromium poisoning from breathing that stuff in. the company didnt want to weezle out the money to get a proper ventalation system for the shop and was fined $70G and forced to get the systems or stop making stainless gas tanks lol. it wasnt even because the company was broke because its not… its a money hole 90-10 split of the profits and they make alot. looking to get a new job myself.

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