[WD] Better Cannons

MOD Desc
Description: A simple content mod.

Unnerfs the Vanilla cannons back and completely rebuilds them, making powerful enough for mid-late game.
Adds 2 new different cannons and changes researches related to them.

The mod is balanced for big and wealthy colonies oh high difficulty, which means big and strong raids, so can be OP for small bases on low difficulty.

Features: Cannons:
– Makes Autocannon and Uranium-slug Cannon really strong.
– Adds 2 new cannons Heavy and Gatling.
– Cannons have stone base now, can be built of different materials and the final HP depends on the stone. (Up to 720)
– Cannons consume less steel, but also have less ammo.
– Cannons don’t explode now.

– Heavy Turrets 2600 -> 2000
– Multibarrel Weapons 2600 -> 1600
– Sniper Turret 3000 -> 2000. Also doesn’t require Multi-analyzer now.

Known Issues:
– None.

Saved games compatibility:
Installation: no known problems.
Remove: no known problems.

Other mods compatibility:
– No known problems.

Previous and non-Steam versions [www.dropbox.com]
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First review of a game so here i go.

This is a game that if you you like to plan your base and be kept on your toes with storyish events then its for you.

This game has soo much random events that it keeps you on your toes. You could be doing great then all of a sudden, you get a blight so no food then you get set upon by the flu so most of your colonists are tired all the time and grumpy or someone gets angry and stabs a fellow colonist. its that sort of unknown that makes you try to mini-max what you can do.

As for mods, you will find anything and everything you want. If you want to make a clone army then do it, want to go roman and fight the spartans then grab your spear.

So grab this game and see how you feel.

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