The Drow Race [Game version 1.0]

MOD Desc
Up to date version by Kerevan can be found here.

This mod adds a rather simple drow elf alien race to compliment the rest on the workshop, and to add more alien diversity into your Rimworld playthroughs!

The Basics Included is the drow elf race, a start for them, their penal colony faction, and implementation of drow into random events such as the refugee escape pods. Besides this, there are no new custom items added and as such they should be able to spawn with most modded weapons and armours.

The drow themselves are loosely based on their fantasy equivalent and hail from a home world reminiscent of the fantasy Underdark. It’s cruel, dark and unforgiving, and many of the people ended up being shaped to be the same.

The Details They’re far more likely to be abrasive, psychopathic, and bloodlustful (bloodlusty?). Though this isn’t to say kind and nice drow don’t exist, they are just rarer. Many of them also possess an unearthly, exotic beauty at the cost of all of them growing so accustumed to it they simply consider it normal. In addition, their smaller frames aren’t as well-suited to mining, or hauling, and can’t take as much of a hit. At the very least, they’re easier to keep fed, and are rather good researchers thanks to their unusual mental acuity. Living on harsher worlds they have also learned to get just that much extra out of their harvests, and they aren’t quite as vulnerable to toxic fallout either. They also have no issues seeing in darkness, and will never suffer penalties for it.

In addition, there are two unique traits that can appear amongst them. Shoot to kill and Gladiator, both as a direct result of the troubles on their homeworld. Whether it was the necessity to kill from a distance or the ability to stay alive in a melee fight. Those with Shoot to kill will aim for the killing shot every time, giving them a bonus to accuracy. Those with Gladiator on the other hand will be better at avoiding and delivering hits in melee. Some may come with a background in both.

Finally, there is the faction that you will encounter. It is a drow penal colony containing the exiles, criminals, failed political rivals, and just poor unlucky sods that angered the wrong person. They don’t start out friendly, but through enough effort they will be willing to trade arms and slaves.

TLDR: Drow are bad, mkay?

Mod Compatbility Facial stuff patch!
Fantasy version. For medieval playthroughs!
Humanoid Alien Framework 2.0, REQUIRED.
Humanlike Life Stages Compatible, no patches needed.
EPOE Compatible, no patches needed.
Change Mirror & Dresser INCOMPATIBLE. Will cause Drow to spawn without faces. (More info in comments.)

Huge thanks to: Chicken Plucker for letting me use his Chicken Mitchell Hairstyles mod for the drow! If you would like those same hairs for the rest of your colonists, you can find his mod by clicking on this.
Erdelf for the Humanoid Alien Races 2.0 framework that made this mod possible.
Everyone who brings up questions about various other mods, and solutions! (Couldn’t have the Mod Compatibility list without you guys!)

Grea Otto, i seem to have run into two major issues with your mod and have not been abble to troubleshoot it. I tried deactivating all of my mods one by one to find an issue but even with only your incredible and magnificient race mod on, it is still there.Probelm is actually that drows do not care for the pretty and beautyfull traits which i assumed would be a big deal since drows can be very superficial in many fantasy settings.Second is no drow i’ve had, ever, will ‘ get some lovin’ ‘. No matter if they are with another drow, another alien race or even a human (heck even tried incestuous gay drow sisters) and nothing happens in bed. This leads to an incredibly large amount of breakups which leads to internal strife. As much as this is drow-like (the large amount of breakups and internal strife) the not-getting some sweet lovin’ part is not in my book XD.So yeah probably just some true/false statements in programming that need to be switched.

Hello again! Thank you so much for taking a look at the conflict. It’s a shame they don’t seem to like the standalone mirror as I’d hoped to recreate a character of mine who uses a non-drow hairstyle (the dresser does not allow for that oddly), which at least Lord of the Rims: Elves can access and why I looked into this at all.I also did my own testing regarding the mirror/dresser issue and found that the facial texture bug is a result of that as opposed to the load order I mentioned last time. As long as the drow avoid the objects they don’t like then no error will occur, however once the error is thrown new drow faces do not load properly. And this error persists until the game is reloaded as starting a test drow colony failed to load their faces even on the character creation screen.This won’t stop me from using this mod however and I thank you once again for taking the time to make it 😀

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