MOD Desc
This is a mod that adds a new alien race, the Marro.

Marro are a alien race made up of hives. These hives contain multiple sub-races such as the worker drones, the warriors, the overlords, and at the top of the hives, the hivelords. The drones aren’t very powerful in combat but are hard workers. Warriors are about equal to humans in combat but aren’t very good workers. Overlords are stronger than humans in combat but aren’t great workers. Hivelords are very powerful in combat but most aren’t useful for basic labor types.
The Marro can also create alien creatures that obey them.

The Marro are unique because they can all be crafted at a special workstation. They can be crafted from a special resource called Marroflesh. This resource can be grown from a new plant or grown inside of your prisoners. The Marro can even craft weapons and animals from this resource.

You grow the Marro from Marro Larvae which are crafted. To mature they require high temperatures in excess of 25 degrees. They take one season to mature to adulthood.

This Mod is a work in progress and has many more features that I hope to add in the future including more creatures and subraces as well as some fun events. Mostly everything is balanced well but if you have any issues just let me know.

Recommended – which makes it so you can only grow your marro plants in high temperatures

This Mod is based on the Marro race from the board game Heroscape.

Thanks to the HAR discord for the help and SargBjornson for his open license on his C# code in genetic rim (

-Added craftable snowsuit allowing marro to stay in cold biomes
-Added craftable overlord armor
-weapons nerfed to be more along tribal levels.
-marro now have higher combat power, causing less to spawn, but still in tribal ammounts.
-flamethrower is viable but still a tribal flamethrower.
-New implants provide buffs
-One implant can be implanted into prisoners to produce marroflesh.
-Unique Marro Walls, Door, and Bed. More Furniture to come.
-Added graphics to marroflesh producing implant.

  • Mhm, when can i use the new crafted colony forces? At the moment they are all useless because they have only patient and sleeping as an option and the game itself told me that they are old enough to work. I have this also with Questionable Ethics Enhanced that the cloned people are in 99% of the time completly useless.Could there be some sort of mod or RimWorld Version bug?Could you check the ‘incompatiblity’ with genetic rim? Its kinda strange to receive an aberrant fleshbeast when the hatching of the larvae is failing.I like this mod still i miss the ant, bee, termites hive structure from all eusocial species. The queen or royal couple (for termites) produces endless amounts of eggs which gets later one due to food or moulting (for termites) into their specific form.
  • Thanks for the well wishing!If you ever want to work on the mod you can check out the github here: ( and you are welcome to make any changes which I can look over and spotcheck. Even with only changing basic values you could probably add traits and dividers as backstories, and I’d be happy to add it to the mod.The mod isn’t too complicated, other than the horrible bootstrapped C#, but it does use humanoid alien races, which is pretty similar to vanilla. They have loads of tutorials online and a super helpful discord.
  • Yeah you are welcome to use anything from the mod. I would love to see an endgame version of the naagrub, I use a free software called paint tool sai, I can send you the original files with layers instead of just the pngs if you want to use it. I usually use notepad++ for code editing.So when you add an update to github I’ll approve it and then I’ll download it to my computer and check for bugs then I’ll upload it to steam. It’s a long process because I’m the only one who can update the mod on steam. I’ve found that it was much eaiser to add code with the desktop app then the website.
  • I don’t think I’m going to start work on new mods for a little while, I want to totally finish up this mod before I do. I have some more ideas for this mod I want to implement first., I want to add some more stuff like a magic user pawn and some new ways to use the Marro technology as Humans. When I do start on a new mod I’d love to make a magic mod, I had an idea for one roughly based on the stormlight archives, but I currently don’t have enough coding experience to do that. I’ve got my school finals going on so its a little hard to find time and motivation to work on mods.
  • Maybe you could think about restricting traits form them that arent matching a hivemind race.Everything that is egoistic or a ‘mental disorder’ (Drug Desire, wimp, nudist, kind, friendly, ….). And give to all Marros the trait cannibalism and psychopath. And the worker should get in addition to it industrious or hard worker, maybe also jogger or fast walker.The basic + points should be rised because you have later no background stories for your incubated Marros.Maybe you can add a minimalstic chance of getting a female and add a sprite for them.It would be also nice if the high Marros (Overlord and Hivelord) have some skills like in the Genetic Rim Mod. But i think passive buffs would be better. That they increase the battle brawness of the surounding Marros. (Give a moral boost, better hit chance, dmage and armor or something like that)Do you think you could add the Dividers as a larvae? With special traits for melee combat? (brawler, abrasive, psychopath, cannibalism, tough)
  • Love the ideas, and I do have plans to implement some of them. I am having surgery this week, life is crazy, but I will work more in the future. I do have plans for a marrosteel resource. It would be cool to add more armors and weapons in the future. The Marro workers already have an upped movement speed. I really like the idea of the removing traits, I might make it so there are both ‘hive’ and ‘free’ types where free are more humanlike in terms of thoughts while hive are unfeeling. I want to add females at some point, but I’d like to make them special, I had the idea of giving them physic powers or maybe some insane shooting skills or something but my lack of coding knowledge holds me back. I should add the dividers as a backstory, I would love to do something more unique with them but don’t have any C# skills. If anyone in the comments knows how to do C# help would be much appreciated.

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