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Quality of Life mod that gives you more options for some of the ‘Orders’, and faster access to Orders.

This is safe to add to – and be removed from – existing games.


When an item is selected and a command button shows, right-click that command and you can select the Order tool. For example, you have one wall segment selected, instead of just setting one bit of wall to be deconstructed, select the deconstruct tool directly. No more clicking around in menus to find it!

Extra Right-click Options

• Growing zone – allow you to create growing zone for fertile, fairly fertile, and not very fertile ground
• Harvest/Chop wood – allows you to select only fully grown plants and trees
• Cut plants – allows you to cut only blighted plants
• Mining – allows you to mine only selected steel, or gold, or machinery
• Mining can be restricted to not mine under mountains
• Transport pods can be built straight from pod launchers’ command bar

This game is really good! The game and features itself could keep you entertained for hundreds of hours, and the options for difficulty and different modes of challenge make for a really good time. Rimworld works for those of us who just want to methodically manage a colony, and it also works for those of us who want a brutal combat system and harsh conditions keeping you on your toes. World exploring is a blast and the character interactions are always fun – This game is even more fun if you employ a bit of imagination.

With the mod support, frequent updates and great community, this game quickly goes from really good to life-stealing. Pick it up if you like the idea of a colony simulator. This game is simply the best one out there. Takes inspiration from lots of games but does it better than all of them. 5/5

Rimworld is a very innovative strategy game where you are in charge of a small handful of refugees on a dangerous planet. Through your hands you will guide these survivors as they hunt for food, forage for resources, and construct shelter while defending your territory from hostile animals, aggressive factions, and rogue mechanoids; all while surviving long enough to scrap together enough to build a ship of your own and escape!

Features workshop compatibility for tons of new mods and ways to play the game, as well as 3 unike artificially intelligent story tellers toat drive the narrative of the game and decide what you’ll face from weather to events to attacks that scale in intensity until you’re overwhellemed and crushed, until you escape, or until you finally emerge victorious and keep your base going strong!

I rescued Red, a naked 93 year old wild man who was fist fighting animals, we taught him to speak and rehabilitated him. The game notified me of his 94th birthday and that due to his age check, his present was dimentia. These days he aimlessly wanders the walk-in freezer.

Bob constantly makes fun of Ducky’s voice and pubic hair but cant understand why she doesnt love him back so my colony also has an incel.

Gavin cannibalizes corpses by the creek while everyone is asleep.

I dont give a damn how high Clarks passion is for cooking, he gives everyone food poisoning and is banned from the stove.

Red killed Bob’s pet, Bob now hates him and is always talking to a senile old man.

The game is rich with content and mechanics, mostly limited by your imagination. Worth every penny.

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