SRTS Submod – Valkyrie Gunship

MOD Desc

The Astra Militarum’s greatest air support asset are now in your hand. Guardsman, serve the Emperor wells.
This submod of SRTS Expanded adds in the Valkyrie Gunship from the Universe of Warhammer 40K.
The Valkyrie Gunship are equivalent to the SRTS Tier III Dropship, Phoenix.

However, the Valkyrie carries 24 pawns, with minimum 1.
It can drop 38 unguided bombs and 8 guided bombs.
It have fuel capacity of 13000 litres, covering the whole globe.
It have cargo space of 16000kg, capable of lifting a entire settlement.

The Valkyrie is durable, produce 6500kw of power, however much more expensive than the Phoenix.

Created to recreate the glorious Astra Militarum of the Imperium.

Recommend to play with:
Adeptus Mechanicus Mod

The Emperor Protects, Guardsmen.

Credit To Great Folks
Neceros – For creating SRTS Expanded.
ChickPlucker – For Motivational support.
Warhammer 40K – For Creating our glorious universe and the Valkyrie.

V1: Release

V1.1: Fix bug where the aircraft won’t launch/duplicate & turning the wrong side.

V1.2: Fixed typo in texture path making the plane flies backward.

My first story is about 4 beginning survivors and an evil demon squirrel.
After crash landing and learning how to cut down trees I finally built a small shack near the north of the map. At that point one of my alerts went off letting me know one the animals went mad. It was a squirrel, I figured ‘oh well my guys can handle a squirrel I don’t really need to intervene.’ Which was a fatal mistake because at that time I didn’t know about the ‘fight’ run button. So I let my survivors handle it and ignored it. After few mins I look for my other survivors and find them at the bottom of the map in the water laying down and dying to numerous scratches and bites, I send my third survivor to go save them turning the shack into a hospital. The squirrel took him down too. Then a ray of brilliance took over! I should click the Run away button to Fight! Genius! So I sent the 4th and final guy to go fight the squirrel bare handed! Extra genius! He races down to the beach to engage the squirrel in a tough fight but came out victorious, Alas he had gotten a deep bite and started bleeding out and was doomed to die in a few hours so he spent his time trying to figure out how to heal people before he died. He did not mange in time.
So this is the story of a colony that was destroyed by the demon squirrel.
TL;DR Squirrel Destroyed my first colony because I didn’t know there was a fight button.

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