Draw a bead

MOD Desc
Scales aiming time with shooting skill, consciousness, sight and manipulation.

Below a shooting skill of 6, pawns will take longer to aim (level 6 is practitioner, below that is amateur). At level 20, aiming time is cut by half.

Manipulation helps only very slightly (moving weapon around), sight has a moderate impact (you can still aim with only one eye), and consciousness has a 100% impact (heightened consciousness means time slows down for you)

Let me know what you think about the balance!

Any mod that changes the AimingDelayFactor stat on pawns will override this, unless this is loaded after said mod.

Rimworld is a top-down, management, base builder that leaves you on a randomly generated world where you can chose a spot to start your colony and thus begining your story. the games goal is to escape the planet using a space ship or finding a AI that is on the other side of the world. If you like management games then this one is for you and not ohly will you manage but you will fight to survive this dangerous world you set upon, fighting off tribals, pirates, rabid hares, and so on. the game also has a skill system like so for combat there are skills for melee and ranged that can be improved if out huntng animals or fighting people. the game also has individual limbs (legs, arms, spine, head) and so on. but wait where are you going? there is more! the game also has a mood system where your colonist can be in a jolly mood or a disastrous mood killing anyone in sight. 200 hours into the game, never beat it once.


I have over 120 hours played so far! The game itself gives you pretty endless stories since you can make it your own and if you add in a lot of helpful mods then everything is just enhanced :D. There is a dev mode which you can use to get used to how things work before you try a game without any help at all. If you play, I recommend watching some videos first and even consider getting basic mods like Prepare Carefully (A must).

Pros: Creativity inspiring, Smooth gameplay, detailed gaming mechanics and micro-macro opportunities, and multiplayer will be smoothed out for use soon! Also, it is mod friendly! You can get Lord of the Rings, Starship troopers, medieval, cults, cluthulu, humanoids, genetic experiments, and morrre

Cons: You will probably study/do schoolwork less, your steam friends will either bash you for playing this instead of with them or convert and also play this game,

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