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Not all injuries are equal; pharmacist prescribes the right medicine for the job.

Does not require a new save game Can safely be enabled in an ongoing save-game, disabling will cause a one-time error message upon loading the save again for the first time. The error message is mostly harmless.

Pharmacist allows you to set the maximum level of medicine that may be used for certain treatments. Doctors will use the best medicine that is available, and that is at most the level of the targets’ medical care setting and the pharmacists’ advice. Four levels of injuries are distinguished;

– Minor (bruises, non-lethal diseases, small cuts) – Major (larger cuts, potentially lethal diseases) – Life-Threathening (extreme bleeding, heart attacks, etc.) – Operations (all implants, harvesting, etc.)

The Pharmacists’ advice for each of these can be set for Colonists, Guests, Prisoners and Animals separately with the ‘Pharmacist’ button on the main bar.

Doctors out on the rim treat wounds in batches, and use the same medicine for each treatment in a batch. I did not want to confuse them too much, so I’ve left that behaviour intact. That means that the worst injury determines what medicine is used for the whole batch, and doctors may still use Glitterworld medicine for treating a bruise if they were treating a heart attack at the same time.

As far as I know, the mod should be compatible with everything. Mods that directly alter the available number of medical care options may cause issues, and I think I’ve seen such a mod at one point, but I’ve been unable to find it again. If you find any incompatibilities, please let me know!

I’m not quite happy with the UI yet, but for now it’s functional. If you have suggestions, I’m always willing to listen.

Some injuries might be diagnosed wrong, and receive medicine that is either not good enough or too good. If the treatment is too good, make sure that it wasn’t part of a batch treatment (see above). If the treatment is not good enough, that’s a bigger problem, and I’d like to know about what injuries are diagnosed badly.

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This is version 2.9.140, for RimWorld 1.2.2719.


  • 1.1 made some dramatic changes that affect mod compatibility, notably an upgrade to a recent version of unity, and moving from .NET 3.5 (C# 3.0) to .NET 4.7.2 (C# 7.0).At the very least, this means all my mods will have to be recompiled, and in many cases, I will also need to make some more meaningful changes.1.0 VERSIONS OF MY MODS WILL NOT WORK ON 1.1so please don’t even trySo when will you update your mods?I will be updating my mods over the coming week. New (pre) releases will be released on GitHub [].Will 1.0/1.1 versions be on steam?I will try to keep my mods on steam in sync with the current stable release. I do not want to maintain separate versions of my mods on steam, so I will not create new 1.1 entries for my mods, or leave 1.0 entries for old mods. Anyone who wants to be ahead or behind the curve can download my mods from GitHub [].
  • so you have to understand the MP works by making sure all random number generation and all user input is the same on all clients. Assuming all clients have the same mods, settings, etc., the game should then proceed the same way on both clients.For mods, that means two things; use a specific random number generator (the default one is not predictable enough), and synchronize all user input. Any mod that has neither any random numbers, nor any user input is implicitly compatible. Most of my mods don’t have random numbers (Breakdowns is the only exception), but do have user inputs (which makes sense, because I mostly do UI ‘dashboards’).For Pharmacist specifically, it means you won’t be able to change any of the settings during a multiplayer session. If you do, you will eventually desync. I’m not sure if there are any workarounds for sharing manually in a multiplayer game.
  • I just did some more testing and I think I figured it out. SM is not fully compatible, based on the creators statements. What he did was keep the Pharmacist functionality for operations, meaning you can limit what kind of medicine is used for operations. I think he thought this would allow one to limit GW med usage to surgery only, and keep SM functionality for other doctoring tasks. However, because it doesn’t keep limitations for other injuries, including small cuts, doctors still try to use the best meds possible for all other injuries, causing them to waste good meds on minor injuries. He said that using Pharmacist with SM is redundant, but SM and P have only a little overlap. P allows you to set a hard cap on the meds used for different injuries and SM improves doctor pathfinding and lets them use carried meds. I don’t see why both can’t be made 100% compatible. Just my
  • I find that Pharmacist doesn’t do what i expect it to do most of the time. The idea is great. But for example at the beginning of an infection it treats it with healroot even if i set the medicine on the pawn to something else. This mod overrides what i put as medicine in the pawn’s health tab, so if i want to use a specific medicine for that infection i can’t. Like plague and infections at begining i think they clasify as non threatening so if i set the nonthreatening to heal root they use that, even though i choose to put glitterworld in the pawns health tab. While if you have a good doctor it’s ok to use healroot, but when you don’t have one or atm he is incapacitated or something, the less good doctor will proceed to give healroot, and lead to pawn’s death. So there is no way for me to input the treatment i want in special cases. I do hate when they use good medicine for bruises and stuff, so i really like the idea but i would rather lose some medicine instead of pawns
  • Watching your head; It’s much simpler. When doing any treatment, colonists will always use the best medicine allowed and available. This leads to absurd scenarios where expensive glitterworld medicine is used on a minor bruise.The vanilla solution is to use the medical care setting to set a maximum quality of medicine used for each colonist. But that applies to all treatments, so if you want to implant a bionic brain, or the colonist is dying from a heart attack, you’ll have to remember to set medical care back to a better quality medicine. That’s micromanagement nobody wants to deal with.What this mod does is allow you to set a max on the quality of medicine used depending on the treatment. By default, it allows herbal for bruises and the like, medicine for heavier wounds, and glitterworld medicine for life-threatening conditions and operations. The two settings work together, the lowest of the two is used for any given pawn and treatment combination.

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