Refactored Work Priorities B18

MOD Desc
Original mod by Dingo

Unofficial update for B18 ________________________________________________________________________________

Forums thread with source code & direct downloads[]

Grants you additional control over colonists, including some tweaks to their work priorities and schedules.

The mod includes an options menu (Options > Mod Settings).

  • Injured animals will be fed by handlers instead of doctors.
  • Removing roofs prioritised above building roofs.
  • Custom repair threshold – you decide when repairs should be made.
  • Repair designator – force repairs on buildings above the repair threshold.
  • Prioritise rottables – haul corn, meals etc. as a high priority.
  • Prioritise deterioratables – haul items as a high priority.
  • Set an item HP threshold to avoid prioritising items with low HP.

Early acces game done right
At the last day of this game’s early acces (Rimworld 1.0 launches on 17th October, 2018), 97% of 21 265 steam review says that this game is not just good, it’s insanely good. And let me tell you, they’re right. Just look at all the reviews, mostly they just tell a story, but it’s their colony’s story, which is unique in every way.

Rimworld is a colony building and management game, but the story is different for everyone. You’re not playing for a set goal, you can set your goals for yourself, other than keeping your colony alive. You can basically do anything and everything, you’ll get attached to your colonist, you’ll lose them, your colony will thrive, and your colony will fall… But it will be an awesome journey.

I once had a cult that worshiped Cthulhu. Tribesmen tried to raid me, but I chased them away and took their people as prisoners. After harvesting their lungs and kidneys, I sacrificed their bodies to the Lords of the Underworld in exchange for knowledge on my research project. Many colonist approved of my actions …. but there were some who were against the cult’s beliefs. When I wasn’t looking, my preacher found the non-believer and beat him to death. I was sad about the death of my colonist, so I did the next best thing — I sacrificed his body to Cthulhu. I received great gains in my research project and was able to complete the research within 1 days time. Even after death you were very useful.

R.I.P Poppy

10/10 would recommend.

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