[Ry]Rimcraft Weaponry

MOD Desc

Feature Overview
– Custom weapons for each Rimcraft faction, all of which are capable of being crafted from any material.

For more information or if you’re interested in helping with the project, feel free to check out our discord if you have a personal question for me about the mod, or post pictures related to the mod. https://discord.gg/3Dp7Zug

World of Warcraft inspired content are property of Blizzard Entertainment. Go check out their awesome MMO !

Credits to:
– Ryflamer – Code and weapon textures.
– The alien framework and rimworld mod dev discord which helped a great deal in the creation of this mod.

So I’ve only really made a couple of colonies in easy mode so far..BUT oh man. I have watched a lot of hours of people streaming this game as I fell in love with the storytelling aspect! I don’t normally like these kinds of games as I find them stressful, however, this is actually really enjoyable! The fact you can pause and adjust your strategy etc etc, adds an interesting element to the game.

For an early access game, I have by far had more fun than some of the major release games (The Division comes to mind…). I appreciate for some, the pricetag is a little high, but you will get a lot of enjoyment out of this game for your money.

The pace can be slow or fast, depending on what kind of story telling AI you choose. It can be a little intimidating to start as there is so much to do, but it reminds me of a cross between the sims and terraria! (I haven’t played such games as Dwarf Fortress or Prison Architect that it gets compared to..).

I’d recommend reading guides/watching videos/streams on this game before purchase as there isn’t much of a tutorial in the game yet!

I cannot wait to see more content added to the game. It’d be nice to have more things to craft etc, however there are many mods I haven’t looked into yet, so I might find something there!

TL;DR this is a really fun game, complex yet simple! The story building is excellent and very entertaining. Once you get a flow, it’s quite addictive, waiting for the next disaster to occur and how best to tackle it!

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