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MOD Desc
not doing anymore updates for any rimworld mods, please feel free to update and upload the mods on steam, i dont mind.

Get your butt off the planet in style ๐Ÿ˜‰

This Mod does override some vanilla objects!!!
(all shipparts)

– adds additional (most purely cosmetic) ship parts to the game
– your ship still needs to have the vanilla parts needed to fly somewhere (enigne,reactor,computer,filled cryocasket)
– overrides the vanilla ship beam with a linkable variant like walls work(same costs like vanilla beam in the end)
– overrides the vanilla cryocasket in the ship menu to set the interaction spot in the object and remove the placeworks that forces you to put it on a beam (for better building)
– replaces all ship textures with old versions

– adds wings (1×1,1×2), fill parts (1×1,2×2,2×3, linkable shipbeam), cockpit(1×2), engine (1×2).
– cockpit is a cryptosleep casket with interaction spot in the front
– you need at least one of the vanilla parts somewhere in your ship to pass the games check for ship conditions to start (the beam is not needed)

building depends on the vanilla research:
– shipbasics -> fillparts + wings
– ship engines -> engine
– ship cryocasket -> cockpit

the override for the cryocasket just moves the interact spot inside the object and removes the place on beam placeworker. so you can place the casket everywhere now. this is to make building a bit easier and not such a pain. (moved the interact spot from the cockpit added by me inside the object too.)

Ludeon forum topic:
(has dropbox links,since steam don’t seem to like them for soem reason -.-)

Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/97fgrbduv8y6n9q/sd_spaceship_v1.7z?dl=0

GitHub: https://github.com/sulusdacor/sd_spaceship/releases

Dropbox link to folder with old mods in forum topic for the mod.
Changelog in forumtopic or about folder of mod.

  • ppls prob wanted to place all kinds of stuff in them. meaning u would need an area in which all stuff gets ‘taken with the ship’. needed some heavy programming i would guess (there were some projects like that in a16, search: rimworld spaceship wip). if only textures etc porb possible, but the mod was generally only intened as a ‘slap some modules’ on the ship to make it look more spaceship like. and overall the lift off + ship is a small part of the rimworld gameplay i feel like walls+doors would kinda shift that to much. idk never really thought about walls+air looks that much.the other thing there are already pretty good textures for some future/space looking walls in other mods, like the clutter mod from mrofa. so i feel there is not really a need for me making some.so probably no overall,but yeah not really spend much though there since the main idea was more modules and the wall+door and ‘zone to take to space’that comes with that, is a bit out of my expertise.
  • for stuff in terms of ressouces and other items not that i know of. for animals you can knock them out and then put in caskets.i usally do parts with a clear idea. since i hadn’t had one i felt fitting, i skiped this size. the other thing is that i currently working on my other mods. but updating this one is on my to do list. this includes: addings all parts you need (in terms of the different sizes), maybe giving them some sort of function and making it possible for the vanilla launch code to ‘find’ my parts and only build a ship with them.not sure when i come around to do that, since the spaceship building is a one time thing anyway and makes up for a very short amount of playtime.
  • actually there could be a 3rd thing going wrong here and you should trx this first before searchign for a mod conflict.if you ‘autoupdate’ mods over steam, meaning have subscribed and then the mod updates itself through steam. sometimes there are old files left behind. usally unsubscribing to let it delete the mod or delete it yourself on your disk and then resubscribe solves the isse.(/deletes the old files). could be the folder still has the old shipbeam override files somewhere and the patchoperation does not work,since the value was the same as the one that should replace it. havent tried if that causes error,but it comes to my mind as a possible thing.
  • the patchoperation simply could not be done for that line.this can have two reasons:1.)patchcode itself has an error (i tested with current alpha and steam version, so should run fine, just make sure to update to the lastest rimworld+mod version. not the case so i would assume 2.)2.)it means there is another mod messing with the ship beam cost or replacing/removing this object altogether.(or removing the component item?) the patchoperations only replace costs. for that they basiclly assume the object/shipbeam has those fields and the variable that are put in are acceptable. if another mod changes that, they do not find it. you can do some simple checks for that, but as far as i know there is/was no other mod altering the costs, thats why i kinda skiped that. so feel free to let me know which mod that does so i can work around that properply.(at the end it is no harmful error, just means your ship beams cost more components.)
  • probably no i would guess. but just try it and look if you got errors.the resaon: there is usally some minor stuff that changes between alpha’s even in the xml mods. not always so you never know till you try. depends on whats the mod does/adds to the game. and what is changed of course. if you want to get a mod runining in a different alpha you might need some basic knowledge about the xml mods in rimworld.as for hardcore sk in particular. if i remeber correctly it does change the base ressouces like steel, plasteel and companents, which are needed to build the ship parts. so you definitly would need to change these in the xml, to the ressouces the modpack uses.
  • updated this mod for new rimworld alpha 16This will break save games!If you want to use a previous Rimworld alpha and saves were you used this mod, please check the forum topic for download links and install the older version manually.changes:- updates to a16, added mass, adjusted the costs to new vanilla values (resulted in mostly more components sadly)- some file/folder structure/name changes- the dragable ship beam now overrides the vanilla ship beam (same costs)- override for the vanilla cryop casket form the ship menu to make building easier (moved interact spot inside the object and removed the need to place it on a ship beam)short note on german language files: i know there are some things missing, since i forgot to update these in the past when adding new parts.i will fix that in the future.

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