Simple Stockpile Presets

MOD Desc
Set common used storage filter settings with simple presets!
A mod that adds various presets for stockpile settings in a comfortable float menu. You can use them to easily set often used storage configurations, both generic ones (like freezer stuff) and specific ones (like food, drugs, weapons or clean apparel).

This is a QOL mod, no content added or changed. To use it, just make a stockpile and select a preset.

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  • こにちは。My japanese is basic and I didn’t think about adding other languages. So thanks a lot for contributing, I will merge it soon.The zone colors are one thing that also annoyes me. The chances are high that I will make a mod to change that, although probably not in this mod, but another small one so people can choose if they want a feature or not.
  • I didn’t know about that mod. UI coding like that is a lot of work and I have other big projects that have higher priority at the moment. A xml based way to configure own presets might be what I do first when I have the time for it, but I can’t say for sure that an UI won’t happen. It’s just that I don’t have endless time and motivation for everything, so we’ll see.
  • Lanitor, if you use the blueprint’s mod that allows you to create save and export blueprints of buildings, could you do something similar with this? It would be fucking sick if you could provide a few basic stockpile types like for your uses, and users could make their own, save and export them, so all future stockpiles can just be imported in a instant. <3 wud suck, 10/10.
  • I’m not sure if you are aware of this old, abandonded mod ‘Better Stockpile Designator’ (link below), but it has the same concept as your mod but with some features, such as custom presets, that I would love to see you add. That mod was last updated for version 0.16, so I don’t think he will care if you steal some ideas (or code) from it.Link to the abandonded mod: Eitherway, just thought you might find that useful. Thanks for the mod 🙂

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