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#handholding, #washyourhands(before), #washyourhands(after)

Disclaimer: This Rimworld mod might not be suitable for you, if you:
-consider yourself normal human being (then you probably shouldn’t even be playn’ this game)
-can’t distinguish real life from a game
-think human leather hats are great, but handholding is unethical

Features: – handholding
– handholding need
– extensive sweating caused by handholding
– drugs used to increase or reduce rate of handholding
– gender change (because everyone wants to be attackhelicopter)
– pawns have private parts (hidden by default to not offend you with such disgusting things) (you can remove them with surgery and transcend to attackhelicopter)
– diseases (having unprotected handholding may cause unwelcome side effects)
– complex pregnancy system (having unprotected handholding may cause pregnancy)
– insects now produce eggs and multiply(unfortunately they dont have hands, so no handholding)!
– ability to designate ‘Hero’ pawn and roleplay it as yourself
– ability for pawns to ‘Submit’ and not get killed(probably)

Load Order: Harmony
Rimworld Core
Rimworld DLCs
Other Mods
SafeJobWorld (always last)

Achievement get: 25000 subscribers – cheat menu and silly mode

FAQ: Q: Pawns don’t do handholding / fertility is 0.
A: Since SJW is last in your load order and uses C#, it is often broken by broken mods in your modlist.
A: check if pawns have parts are in correct places.

Q: ERROR: No available handholding types for (pawn) and (partner)
A: your pawns missing parts hediffs or they are in wrong places.

Q: Pawns don’t develop relationships after handholding.
A: SJW is not relationship mod, its all about handholding.

Q: Cant apply some bodyparts with Character editor.
A: Character editor does not correctly display last part in pawn bodypartlist, any mod that adds bodyparts and is last in your modlist will be missing parts.

Q: Parts are shown as Whole Body.
A: using Prepare Carefully and changing anything about pawn resets its hediffs and breaks SJW, use devmode to reapply hediffs.

Q: Parts are in wrong places.
A: might be caused by other bodychanging mods like evolved organs, use devmode to reapply hediffs to correct places.

Q: Androids has no parts.
A: Androids parts distribution is based on backstory, only some of them spawn with parts, others need to acquire them from other sources.

Support Dev:

  • you are not developer, your opinion on the matter is irrelevant, developer provided base game and tools to make whatever community desires, games are run by community, not developers, do you really think rimworld would enjoy its popularity without mods? it would be dead in few months after releaseAgain who are you to judge other people tastes? today you say bestiality is bad, tomorrow you decide gay is bad because its clearly not how developer/God wanted(and you, ofc, know what IT wanted)? next what? you say sex is bad?
  • says criminal scum that funds its goverment through taxes, which are used for developing weapons, waging wars all over the world, killing thousands humans yearly, destroying other countries through force or economically, and lets not forget slave and child labor which you support by buying consumer goods made in 3rd world countriesits not on me, game forces me to kill raids that come to my base. it forces to kill animals and plants, and eat them and build stuff with their dead bodies
  • Nothing on its own, it’s added to male pawns if they become a trap through surgery for the purposes of a moodworker and for future changes being logged. Pawns don’t like being messed with that way, usually, so they get moodlets that go from -20 at worst to +5 at best. Starting point is fairly random, though, so some pawns will do better than others.A pawn with that hediff going back to male will also get different hediffs than if you were to do similar surgeries on a female pawn.Many surgeries in short succession can break the tracking, though, so be careful.
  • Also as a warning, unless it’s changed, pawns of that age tend to have little to no manipulation. This can cause a lot of mental breaks due to them not able to get food from a nutrient paste dispenser and such. Pre-made meals and packaged meals are fine of course, but just wanted to give a heads up in case other also go the ‘nutrient paste only’ road. I’ll delete post if someone knows more on the matter or if i find out in my current colony if this still stands.
  • If one dont want to wait then all seems to work on the LL one, after rediscovering the mod here on steam I missed the other features so much that I had to return to ll after years and luckily figured out that non-steam mods can be used even if launching on steam, the main reason I left the mod long ago was I was to dumb to do that, so if you cant wait I would say go to ll and try that one, for me it works quite well so far, only slight trouble with modded races and animals sometimes, so I have to say, even though I rarely write comments, great job on keeping it alive!
  • Fishman ohhh look, slowpokes has arrived, i was expecting youlikes much sooner, you were probably aggressively handholded for all the time since mod release. Also im not a clown, i just like trolling degenerates like you.I dont know what is your problem with attack helicopters, you are probably xenophobe trash, attack helicopters are definitely superior than you, just look at their sexy curves, their machineguns penetrating you all the way through, and their missiles just make your inner world explode!P.S. i dont care about people imaginary genders/goods or bads, as along as your snowflake butt is of fire – day was worth living

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