EdB Prepare Carefully [Deutsche Übersetzung]

MOD Desc
Stand 25.12.2019 – Version 1.0
Dieser Mod beinhaltet die deutsche Übersetzung für den Mod: EdB Prepare Carefully.
Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=735106432

Wichtig: Es muss zwingend EdB Prepare Carefully installiert sein, damit der Mod funktioniert. Der Mod muss keine Ladereihenfolge einhalten und kann frei platziert werden.

Deutsche Übersetzung von Vulnøx.

We set out, 5 tribal colonists looking for a new adventure. A healer, two lorekeeper, and an archer were we. All was going well. No raids. We had a growing stock of animals that we were ranching. Then came that dastardly warg. First she killed one of our turkeys, then another. We tried to hunt her down, but she was crafty and stronger than we anticipated. We managed to bring her down but not before she killed Albio, our healer and knocked down our Reindeer, our Lorekeeper. When Albio died her bonded pet horse, Sailor, literally went beserk and killed the nearest creatures to her which were Black the Lorekeeper and Meago our Tender, leaving Reindeer, our beloved keeper alive but knocked down with no one to help. Suddenly a man in black shows up, eager to lend aid, but Sailor is still in a rage and begins chasing him. Finally, Sailor’s rampage is stopped by a trap setup to deter raiding criminals from a pirate town a few days ride and the man in black was able to rescue Reindeer. To add injury to insult a sudden, a seemingly unrelenting cold snap set in, wiping out nearly all of our crops. Upon hearing this, the despair caused an already weakened Reindeer into a psychotic rage. A rage that did not end until her last drop of blood fell from her body. Now only the man in Black remains. He hears news of a maiden in captured and sets out with a caravan to rescue her. He was successful, but upon returning to camp there was a massive fire caused from exploding boomaloops who died of starvation and his new partner was also lost in this fire.

In solemn loneliness he buried the colonists that he never got a chance to know. As he was paying his last respects a pack of manhunting geese appeared and in a moment of panic, he slipped on muddy ground and was slowed enough for them to catch up to him and strike a blow that caused blood loss, and finally knocked him to the ground. This was the end for Salamander and the brave tribes people.

In the end, Salamander had the last laugh as the geese were caught in his spike traps. He closed his eyes and smiled knowing that he had put an end to the manhunting geese menace, his last pleasant thought.

This game is unreal. The stories and narratives that evolve as you play are endless. Let me tell you the story about Joe.

Joe crash landed in a pod with two other survivors. Joe was not too bright, he loved to fight, and make art. That was all. He refused to cook. He refused to clean. He refused to haul things. He couldn’t heal people. Joe was in his 80s. He was the only hunter in the colony.

Time went on and the colony flourised. Stockpiles were high, foodstores were significant, many different varieties of meals and all were happy. Then the raiders hit. A significant force. Joe, being the only competent fighter, took to the fields. Frightened colonists in tow. The fight was fierce.

Scouring the area, he discovered a couple of colonists were injured, he took them to their beds to die. There was nothing he could do for them, but offer them comfort in their final days as their conditions slowly worsened. Soon. Only Joe remained.

Days and weeks passed. Winter, came and went. The stores of food were plentiful. To pass the time Joe created great works of art from the materials his dead too soon friends had gathered. Just an old man. Waiting to die. Making beautiful art.

He made art that told the stories of his friends. Murals of beavers representing honesty. Frescos of winged marmots representing strength. He created art in rememberance.

Suddenly. A call over the communications relay. Someone was in trouble. Looking for help. He offered assistance. Grabbed his weapons and charged outside. A young man, tribals on his heels. Joe charged. He slew bandits left and right. He cut them down like a man possessed. Til the arrow caught him. Then another. With one final swing of his mighty club. He took his attacker out. Fell to the ground. Dead.

Joe may have died, but the colony lived on. The youth he rescued rebuilt. With Joes art, the only evidence of those who left it behind.

This is just one of many different stories that happen in this game… This particular one took place over a year ago. There have been so many additions to it. So many great and wonderful things.

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