I Am Hungry

MOD Desc
Vanilla friendly food with unique thoughts and tastes in a simplistic way.

– Adds a campfire to cook (lasting & warm)
– Adds a stove with oven to cook (vanilla style)
– Adds a millstone for the bakery
– Adds 12 recipes with different taste/effect
– Adds 2 different kinds of processable plants to harvest (1 resource)

– Delicious Food (Tastes)
– Proper Meals (Thoughts+Hediffs)
– Meat Preservation (Treatment)
– Milk Preservation (Cheese)
– Grain Preservation (Flour+Bread)
– Mood Buffs while traveling (Caravans)
– Uses Vanilla researches and makes them more attractive this way
– Wild and beautiful landscape
– Counters the world hunger

Applyable to all the playstyles: Medieval Castle, Barbarian Warlords, Crashlanded, Survival in the Wild, New Hope and Citybuilding. All the Meals will fit and have a universal texture.

Great Synergy with Thanks For All The Fish (Recommended)

Supports RimCuisine, Gloomy Furniture & Extra Kitchen!
Works Hand in Hand with Rimstro, RealWorldFood, and VGP!
Start at zero and learn how to cook, especially with Amnesia or Tech Primitives!

Compatibility & Loadorder

1. Vegetarians2. Vanilla (Core only) a. More Linkables (Optional) b. Dubs Bad Hygiene (optional) c. Bad Hygiene Lite (optional)3. Gloomy Furniture (Cooking places, Linkables)4. Gloomy Extra Kitchen (Linkables)5. VGP Vegetable Garden (Ingredients Wheat/Flour)6. VGP Garden Gourmet (Don’t mix VGP and RimCuisine)7. Thanks For All The Fish or FishIndustry or [RF] Fishing [1.0] (Seafood, Shrimps)8. RimCuisine 1 & 2 (Ingredients Wheat/Barley/Oats/Flour/Cheese + Quern)9. Rimstro (Cooking places, Recipes, Popcorn)10. Real World Food (Food Recipes, Flour)11. GouRIMet (Recipes, Grill, Cheese)12. Master of Cooking (Bulk Recipes)13. Dianne’s Food and Newmilk14. Survivalist’s Additions15. Amnesia or Tech Primitives16. Optimization: Meats17. Proper Meals: I Am Hungry (load it here)18. Gloomy Vanilla (load this after)19. Savegames
Included Patches are interactive and react to user decisions. Mods will only be combined, when found. Just load I Am Hungry after your other Food Mods to let it do its work. Prime example for a mod which makes use of all features and possibilities given by other mods in its category, with no dependencies.

This mod supports all the food mods out there!

Works with Mulitplayer too.

Artists 8 (!) Food Textures * by EvaineQ
Bakery * by Oskar Potocki
Wheat & Flour * by Crustypeanut
Milk * by AmIkoLo & gopeuni
Popcorn * by Latki & Lepple

Living Mods * by Trunken
Sensei C# * Kikohi
Support * redfog

Powered by PatchOperationWhatHappened * Mehni

Links https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1542362283 (Thanks For All The Fish)
https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1539311991 (RF Fishing 1.0)
https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1705663731 (Rim Rhymes)

Join Kikohi & me in Discord: https://discord.gg/sT4zdXt

Version 1.0: Release
Version 1.1: Professional Artist Redesign on rotatable Cooking Place
Version 1.2: More interactive Patches added, Rebalancing, Multi-Fish support™

I will think that through, before i make a decision. Noted it down for now.& Aeon: Added the Load Order of those related Mods to the Worskhop for you.Mods found by Patches will work differently, when not found. My mods work, even when you organize it wrong. Any mod loaded after I Am Hungry will misses the features though of its Patch. Those mods won’t work together in the way then, they were meant to. Example: You can cook only with fish in the recipes of those Proper Meals in I Am Hungry, when you load it after one of your favored Fishing Mods.Most Patches are executed like this. What exactly each part of a Patch does, is indicated at least slightly by the embraces next to the name of the combinable/supported mod.Keep the Load Order as close as you can to the mod authors descriptions, to avoid problems beforehand. Rerranging a patch during a running savegame is not recommended and can lead to red errors and malfunctions.

If you take half of the grain (50), you down to 20 meals loss looking at simple meals. Since the breads fills up at least 25% (+nutrition buff) more its about 15 meals loss, which would be ok due to the fact that this is a luxury meal. Because if you take 75, you about 30 meals in a loss which would make it more expensive then lavish meals with a buff of ‘+12’ modd for a whole day. Setting it to 50 your a little bit more expensive then fine meals, which got +5 mood, but not ‘inner strenght’ or ‘nutrition bonus’.5 Baked goods (when grain only cost 50) would make the bread a little bit behind the pint of having stable growing eviroments but still keep the thought of it not being easy available. SO that number is ok in my vision. Since break takes 20 flour also you could increase it to 5, or just reduce flour cost by 5

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