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Bring gacha games to the Rim!
Collect hundreds of gacha figures, hunt for the rarest of them all and arrange them in decorative collections to show off! Create fitting collections for even more beauty boost! With your next draw, you can get a poor wooden hare figure or the super rare legendary golden thrumbo!

Gacha figures have three ‘stats’: animal design, material and quality. These define their rarity, value, base beauty and possible set bonuses.

Built-in mod support for all animal and material mods. All animals from other mods or new stuff materials will be automatically added to the pool to draw gacha figures from and their rarity and values will be calculated. You can also still add new animals or materials afterwards. But keep in mind that this will recalculate the rarity of all existing figures, so stats like the beauty value of your placed figures may change.
Get Jurassic Rimworld and start to collect dinosaur figures!

Can be added to existing saves.

– Textures for all the figures only get generated if they are needed to save memory and laoding times. This may cause tiny lags when a specific figure first occures in the game, depending on your cpu power.
– If you tab out / minimize the game while it loads your save, gacha figure textures may not be loaded correctly. Just restart without minimizing and it will be fine. (Tabbing out while loading the game itself is fine, it’s only about loading the save.)

Serpyderpy – Gacha machine textures

Do not, I repeat, Do not, name your colonists after your family/friends/favourite TV characters etc. You get so emotionally attached to these parcels of pixels, that it really, really hurts when one of them succumbs to a man hunting alpaca.

This is the finest game on Steam and well worth paying full price for. How many games can you say that about? It’s an adventure game par excellence first and foremost, but has elements of strategy, survival and base building thrown in as well. Yes, the learning curve is steep, and yes the graphics are from the 1990’s but that all adds to its appeal.

If you are a fan of the ‘I’ll just play 10 more minutes’ genre, knowing full well that you’ll still be playing long into the small hours, then this is for you. This the sort of game you think about at work because working out how you will plan your base is far more appealing than your normal 9-5.

This game will make you laugh, cry, scream and swear all in the same session, and that’s its appeal. Straight after losing your colony to tribal nomad raids, you’ll want to jump straight back into the next to apply everything you did wrong previously.

Buy it.

I used to adore this game, in fact, i still do. For the most, its fantastic. However, something to beware of as a new buyer is that this game has a lot of potential to be one of those games on the down. Ive been playing for a long time, far beyond the days this was on steam, and i can safely say that some of the new features added are big negatives. For example, the fire-starting and drug binge traits on characters. It doesnt matter if my colony is fantastic and no-one even has poor mood, these idiots will still light fires and binge on drugs? Does this add to the game? NO. Does a few fires or drug binges make the game more challenging? No. Does it annoy the player? Hell yes. Whoever is developing the game now, please ensure new features actually add something an element of positivity or challenge to the game, not just make it annoying to play.

I do, however, really enjoy the caravans. Great addition to the game and well implemented.

Overall, would i reccomend it? Hell yes, particularly if you like a good modding community. Just being a long term player, i hate to see games start to slip, and really dont want this to be another one of those games.

10/10 Hands down. Ignore the cartoony graphics because the game has the best randomly generated scenarios that I have ever experienced.

Here is just one of the hundreds of experiences Ive had.

-Colonist randomly joins but has to mine his way to my secluded mountain base. He’s not great at it. He has five blocks to go when a manhunting pack of Muffalo’s (not a typo) enters the area behind him. I zoom in and order him to continue digging for his life. I listen to the chipping of stone like clock work, every swing a step to freedom. The tone soon turns sinister as the moans of the manhunters slowly approach. Two blocks left. The moans grow louder. I send my best fighters to give him covering fire when he breaches the wall. They wait. The chipping stops. Its replaced by slamming and groans of the herd. Then just….silence. Only the prompt of a colonist death breaching the quiet. We then killed and ate that herd, buried the colonist, and have an art installation to commemorate him passing next to his sarcophagus.

Life is hard on The Rim and you’ll likely die for no good reason at all, but man does it make for a fun experience.

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