Auto Randomizer for Starting Pawns

MOD Desc
Are you tired of clicking ‘Randomize’ button until you get a pawn which you like? Do you feel burdened to customize pawns using ‘EdB Prepare Carefully’? This mode will repeat clicking ‘Randomize’ button until you get the desired pawn. Just specify minimum skill levels, passions and incapacities to be excluded.

How to use 1. In ‘Create characters’ Window, click the ‘Filter’ button next to the ‘Randomize’ button then, the filter window will be shown.
2. Set the filter options to specify minimum skill levels, passions and capacities required. Close the window.
3. Click the ‘Randomize’ button. The first pawn passing the filter will appear.

Changelog 18.5.28
– added: option for maximum search limit
– added: options for skill passion

Get it!, <JUST DO IT>!

Named the characters after family and friends..
Turns out my sister is a pyromaniac who keeps setting my base on fire
Two of my friends keep beating eachother up for no reason..
Another friend’s dad & Ex-wife crashlanded in the backyard and joined the clan..
The Ex-wife married one of my friends, And now the ex-husband keeps beating the groom up.
Another guy got killed by an angry squirrel.
One guy lost his ear & left arm, When he got attackt by an angry Elk (He’s still the best worker in the clan).

There is alot of micromanagement, Altho i usually can’t understand such complex things. I pretty much had it all figured-out after 10 hours.

There is a Peacefull setting with optional attacks, If you like to take it easy.

Kind of sad to do this, because this game is almost universally beloved. I tried to play vanilla, I downloaded mods that people suggested, and I just can’t get into this game. It just isn’t fun to me and I’m not sure why, it’s very passive from the player’s perspective, but the elements you do control (building, zoning) to me weren’t particularly fun. The storytelling elements that it’s touted for seemed forced and unintuitive, without any real difference between the storytellers. Colonists were too random to seem particularly human to me as well. I really gave it a shot (30 hours) but just could never get into it.

I can see why others like it, just isn’t for me. Since I couldn’t give a refund I’ll give it another try in a couple months and see how I feel about it once I’m in a better head space.

I was watching a friend play this game..They gifted this game to me.with or without mods installed i have to say i love this game. you can be eviland laugh about it. you can cure people or kill people.. You are god.. you can make a game last 5mind or 5 hours depending on how you play and choices you make.
The tutorial is a really good thing to do if this is your first time playing this game.i have replayed the tutorial about 5 times just to make sure that i understand the game as much as i can i also keep playing about with mods so ican see which mods work and help me define my game play.
you can push this game to be anything you want it to be. the choices you make and things you build can go as far as you want with or with out mods.
this this was availble in 3d i would love it more than minecraft 🙂

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