Days Matter [1.0]

MOD Desc
Required Mod: HugsLib

What does this mod do? Days Matter allows you to add and remove memorial days. The colonists will start party accordingly.

Installataion You can install and enable this mod at any time.

Uninstallation You can disable and uninstall this mod at any time. However, after you disabled the mod, you’ll see some error popping up the first time you load a save with this mod. It is safe to just override the save file, and you will not see the error message any more.

Extra Currently, in vanilla game, birthdays of colonists born before the start of the game were calculated wrong, this mod fixes it.

GitHub If you liked this mod, please give me a star on GitHub: Thank you xD.
Thanks to Ilmoran @ GitHub, artwork issue should now be solved.
B19 version can be found here:
Feel free to fork it, just don’t forget to give me credit > <.

My small settlement tends to get raided during parties. I think I’m on a roll. Especially with those cases were we’re right after battle, everything’s in flames, beloved Pawns died and the message pops up ‘The party has finished!’ Yes, it has.Even darker was when during a raid a party message popped up, reminding me of Hilda’s and Andy’s marriage anniversary. Hilda, who recently passed away during another raid… and Andy, who got ‘trauma savant’ in that same battle, because someone decided that friendly fire was therapeutic and shot him in the head.During that marriage-party-raid Andy burned to death.Days matter.

Great mod for immersion. Two suggestions though:- There a bit too many parties, as other participants said. Perhaps at birthday parties, only the colonists with a good opinion of the colonist having his birthday should participate, instead of just everyone. Is it possible ? That would reduce the number of parties per colonist.- QoL problem: I don’t think having a tab just for that is great. It’s not something you need to change often during your games, and many other mods already add tabs (Manager tab, Wildlife tab, Help tab, etc.) The configuration could be in the mod settings.Oh and one small bug: I’ve had parties starting on the day of the event itself… For instance, whenever two colonists became lovers, they would usually start an anniversary party later the same day (I set anniversary parties in the evening, seemed fitting) . And at the very start of the game, they started celebrating their arrival. ๐Ÿ˜€

and mine won’t party even with a party spot. I went into development mode and made them have a party, first time, 3 of my 11 people went. second time, everyone went. then an important day popped up and suddenly, *POOF* the party spot somehow cannot be found, even though it’s still there. so I force a party again.. game can’t find it. I delete the party spots, put in new party spots, still can’t find em. I see they’re updating something on the game so i’m gonna restart and see if it’s still bugging out. because they weren’t throwing parties really before i got the days matter mod.. but i just assumed all my pawns were just stuck up and didn’t want to hang out together. lol

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