Large Faction Bases

MOD Desc
Generate larger faction bases. Their size and manpower evolve with time. It also factors in the difficulty level, and some randomness. A high-risk, high-reward challenge.

Save game compatible.

With Powerful Faction Bases, it’s either/or, same for any mod which changes faction base generation.

Thanks, i will try it and report back. Also i had defeated a lot of your large bases, including operations of full pirate regiment captures, like this: , so i can make some remarks on ballance: 1) First of all those lances you placed laying around are very usefull, enemy artillery should be dispatched immidately when your transport pod lands (those actualy included deadly devastator mortars from more vanilla turrets, if you have that one installed) and the way to do it is using the lances on mortar men, so those lances laying around are usefull to replace ones used, so this is nice touch. 2) In many rooms i find corpses with organs, do they have any purpose, am i supposed to be using ressurector serums laying around to bring them back?

Weird, and i can’t repro it, as far as i’ve tested bases generate with hostile groups.Regarding balance, i try to keep it as close as vanilla as possible. Meaning an experienced player could try to assault these bases day one, and they should still be challenging year 8 of something, as long as you’re not prepared properly.With mods included all limits are off.It also depends on difficulty level.One limting factor is actually the AI, i tweaked a few thing, like the AI shouldn’t (in average) agro near as fast as in standard faction bases. I could split them in groups, but i think like in split raids, they would be easier to deal with.Anti-grain warhead IEDs maybe an issue though, if you gather them in deafeated bases. Maybe i’ll make them not uninstallable in faction bases.

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