RimBeast (Continued)

MOD Desc
Update of rooki1s mod
Used the A17 update by The-Eroks


Non-steam version:

— A17 version —
Updated by The-Eroks
The Hunt Begins – Mankind played god’s role for so many years. In consequence, it’s not hard to find the presence of gene modified species even in far rimworlds. But finding them is one thing, and to confront them is another.

— Original Description —
This mod adds various species.

Xeno beast

Mankind played god’s role for so many years.
In consequence, it’s not hard to find the presence of gene modified species even in far rimworlds.
But finding them is one thing, and confront them is another.

Fort turtle: The fortress turtle is a living citadel. Designed to moving bunker, this behemoth estimated to be created for protecting soldiers while Mechanoid invasion. Fort turtle has periodically harvestable shells. This shell furnishes material for military composite alloy. Reliable protector and strong porter, fort turtle will be your great companion.

Feather raptor: Quiet and cunning, elegant but ruthless, these reptile species were originally developed to resolve warg increasing problem. Fortunately, after someone realized that adding another alpha predator doesn’t help already broken ecosystem, the project was canceled. After the original project cancelled, scientists started a new product development project, which making a pet of rich people. Because of that, now these raptors have colorful feathers.

Insectoid Hive

A hive of gene-modified insects. Originally made for fight against Mechanoid invasion, creators of these creatures applied hive-mind system of their foes to society system of insectoid hive. Unfortunately, these new species are became totally out of control and became another threat for human exist.

Antis: A quiet stalker and merciless killer, Ant mantis is a warrior caste of the insectoid hive. This species were created to beat the Mechanoid invasion, but it is dangerous to people, too. A social creature, it cannot reproduce individually.

Gnawler: A ‘grunt’ caste of the insectoid hive, gnawler is a much smaller than other warrior caste, and on its own it doesn’t seem dangerous. However, if many gnawlers are grouped together, things change. A social creature, it cannot reproduce individually.

>Had a nice colony growing, prosperous and rich.
>Walk near a closed off building and get some random notification, no big deal, it’s alright.
>Open it up and immediately get completely destroyed by some weird alien grey lookin, holdin, aggressive robots.
>They kill me and break all my stuff
>One guy left, bleeding out
>Mysterious stranger hops in, Opens up some cryo pods
>Armed and aggressive people come out
>He kills one but dies
A week in-game later
>Traders come in
>See the ruins
>Robots come at them with fury
>They kill the robots, with all but two of their members surviving
>Bleed out and die by the end of the map
all in all good experience 11/10 randy

Yeah I’m already addicted now

Been playing this for quite a while and it’s definitely in my top 5 favorite games of all time. If this was around when I was a teenager, I’m not sure I would have done as well in school. This game has the most hours of any on my Steam account, and is always one I can play, even when I’m in a funk and can’t get into gaming. The soundtrack is fantastic (to the point I bought it) and very soothing. I’ve had loads of fun with just the base game, but the fact that a variety of mods exist, plus the built-in scenario editor make this game have the replayability you need. Prepare Carefully is a must-have mod to setup your characters exactly how you want when playing a structured scenario. Otherwise, embrace the random and the craziness, because that’s when this game is at its best. Highly recommended!

I did receive the steam product for free, but only because I supported rimworld back before alpha .10 I can say this is an amazing game and the dev is very community focused. Seems to follow with ludeon forums, rimworld reddit forums and even takes a look at the mods that are produced for the game amost as a suggestion for potential content in this game.

Don’t mind an alpha state game? Go crazy with mods? Into a colony/management simulaters like Dwarf fortress, Gnomoria, or Prison architect, this is the game for you.. Especially if you like losing.. slowly.. horribly and wonderfully with a challenge.

TLDR: Tons of ways to challenge yourself and play around, there are bugs, but.. failing is part of the game and it’s just as easy to start fresh. Huge Micromanagement simulator type game.

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