Stargate Races

MOD Desc
This mod adds the Race of the Goa’uld aswell as Jaffas and their slaves from the Series Stargate. This mod was heavily inspired on the RimGate – Jaffa, Kree! mod. This one adds the Jaffa with their Armor, the Staff weapon and the Stungun but it wasn’t possilbe to build them yourself. Therefore I have rewritten the Mod and add some other stuff myself, as well as I retexutred and rewrote some very interesting mods to add more flavour.

The mod contains:
A new Race inculding the suitable scenario:
– The Race is called Goa’uld, in order to choose if your pawns are Goa’uld, Jaffa or slaves you need to choose their Backstories. I recommend to play with 1 Goa’uld, 2 Jaffa and 3 Slaves.
Armor and Weapons
– Jaffa Armor with Helmets, Ma’tok (STaff Weapon) and Zat (StunGun)(all orginally from RimGate – Jaffa, Kree! by Xen, Charnov, Helixien, Cpt. Ohu and Erdelf)
– golden Goa’uld Armor and Helemts
– Kull Armor and weapon
– Tacluchnatagamuntoron (grenade)
– Tel’tak transport ship, which brings you where every you want and back (orginially it was Cargo Pod Transport by AKreedz)
– Mineable Naqadah which can be refined to Naqadriah at the Electric Smelter (inspired by Coal from Agrarcore)
– Naqadriah Power Generator
– The sarcophagus (inspired by Fast regen by Daniledman)
– the necessary research table
– Main picture is taken from (
I want to add a StarGate which would count as Wincondition, but I simple don’t know how^^

If you want to use this mod as basis for your own versions of any other stargate race (replicants, ancient, wraith) or as basis for a mediveal king, knight and slave scenario feel free to use it. Remember to mention all other autohors.

I recommend to play it with one of the many Shield mods to enable more sci-fi feeling (e.g. ED-ShieldsBasic)

P.s. I couldn’t fix that the pawn in the sarcophagus doesn’t show its stupid head. I would be happy for a fix.
Due to some problems I have created a Goa’uld and a Wraith Crafting Table where their stuff can be crafted. So no data are overrided of the original files. THis should help to work with different mods too. Unfortunetla I couldn’t fix any head issues as the files are all properly labelled. It should work, but I am not a good coder nor artist (as you might realise^^).
Thanks to EbonJaeger the game is now balanced and a lot of string errors are fixed. Finally I found the reason why the benches didn’t work and it is fixed now too.
Tel’tak, Dart and Jumper are now based on another mod called SRTS. Somehow I cannot build the Jumper ingame also I believe all necessary files are where they should be

Installing this outright replaces vanilla assets. It replaced my smelter, and completely removed the ability for me to smelt down normal base game steel. To be fair, that last bit might be a combination of my other mods, but as other comments are pointing out, replacing default / core game items, buildables and races, its really messing with … everything. If this was a mod I used almost by its self, or in a limited carefully crafted list, it could be great, but it doesn’t do too much revolutionary right this second. I am a complete fan of the show though, and for years I thought something like this completely fits within the games universe, even along side other very at odds mods like RimCraft which add’s WoW stuff to the game. The simplified art style and the fact that an infinite source of worlds that could have permiated culture through out it is really cool.

I am really glad that you like the mod. The Jaffa Weapons have all a value because I have rewritten the entire coding. The armor and damage values are orientied on other weapons from some mods but of course the values are not balanced yet. It is my first mod and i am still super slow with coding. I really like the replicators idea, although i have to figure out how to breed animals. First I would ike to implement the wraith race. I can either do that with a building which grow artificial meat (that works) or try to adapt the vlood system from Rim of Madness- Vampire (Which is waaaaaay cooler, but difficult as I have no experience with C+ coding)have you put in the ‘Humanoid Alien Races 2.0’. It is necessary- sorry I haven’t mentioned that

I have some bad and some good news for you. EbonJaeger helped me to get rid of the assemblies, which should cause troubles in the update, but apperently there are still a lot of bad references especially around faction defs. The game freezes after the map generation. Good news is there is another young Stargate mod out, which shares a lot of common features and a dd a lot of new stuff. I simply have to say, that it looks way more more professional and I recommend you guys checking it out. Under these cicrumstances I am thinking about not updating this mod anymore, maybe I will isolate the Tel’tak, Jumper and Dart.

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