Ameiro 12 anime faces WEEB version

MOD Desc
(formerly known as ameiro’s smaller female heads, then I realized he changed more than the head sizes…)

This mod is an alternate version to the ‘ameiro anime change 12 faces’ which replaces all vanilla faces with more anime-like faces (12 total, 6 for each gender).

The female heads in this version are slightly smaller, rounder and faces have more of the big anime eyes than the original for females. Males though are still the same from the original mod.

The original mod can be found here so you can compare what version you want: ameiro anime change 12 faces:


INCOMPATIBLE WITH OTHER FACIAL MODS LIKE ‘Facial Stuff 0.18.0’ etc, if it changes the face it won’t work! Hair and clothing mods should work fine… ALSO UNKNOWN IF IT WORKS WITH ROYALTY DLC AS I DON’T OWN IT. TRY IT IF IT WORK LET ME KNOW!

This mod pairs best with: Edb preparecarefully and camera+ (so you can customize on game start and zoom in to see your waifu/husbando.

NOTE** I’ve updated this mod for ameiro since he sadly hasn’t replied or updated the mod since A16 (Dec ’16).

I think he quit Rimworld altogether… many people kept asking for it so I figured I just update it myself since it’s an easy fix to get it to work for B18. I will remove this if ameiro requests or updates his mod.

If there are any issues PM me or post here. Enjoy! 😀

For best experience, use with ameiro’s other mods!

ameiro anime hairs:

ameiro anime female body and clothes replacer:

Its a good game but it can be very annoying at times. If you are fine with a game in which your little dudes can just kinda die out of nowhere then you should have no problem. You just get to control your dudes around and make sure they dont die. Its a great base game but you can get alot of mods to change it up. You want vampires and werewolfs? Gotcha covered. You want foxes to not be suicidal? Perfect we got you covered. But even with this it is very annoying when your dudes are getting destroyed and you have to make a new world. It happens alot so if you do not like games in which you have to constantly restart if you are a newbie and cant wait until you figure out how to equip your gun and kill the bear thats ing your pawns wife in the you probally shouldnt get the game.

On the fence because of the price-tag? Don’t be. This is, by far, the best game in my library and I have ~500 games in my library.

This game has kept me coming back time and time again. I actually kinda’ suck at this game, but I keep trying.



Seriously – this game is pretty much whatever you want it to be. Sims? RTS? Tower Defense? G-rated sex-game (sure, why not?) Recreation of the Donner Party? Yup.

Ever wanted to dissect your girlfriend to see what was on the inside? You can do that. Ever been jealous of the guns on some guy and wanted to have them for yourself? Can-do.

It’s everything and nothing, all in a beautiful package, and all for $30. Shut up and fork it over.

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