MOD Desc
Warning: This mod does the same as God Mode.
Features Copy: Copy everything you specify by drag.
Paste: Replicate everything it copies.

Create copyprint
Use the ‘Create’ designator to drag over an area with Things you want to copy. Things will all be designated, and included in the copyprint.

NOTE: Pawn(humanlike or animal), Filth(trash, blood, dirt) can’t copy.

Paste copyprint
Once you’ve created a copyprint, you can use the new button to place copies of that copyprint. Copyprints can be rotated as normal.

NOTE: Everything is removed where you want to install it.(except pawn)

Where to Use
– Want to clone item group
– Before start game, want to make a big, rich soil in your front yard
– Want to build a dense forest
– Want to decorate colony to take a nice screenshot

Credit Fluffy: Original Modder – Blueprint

I’m a fairly nice person in real life, but rimworld turns me into a Hitler-esque dictator. It’s story time.

>Be me, attempting to build the perfect colony of superior bionically enhanced superhumans
>Have a pyromaniac colonist, always lighting things on fire
>Decide to put up with him as he’s an amazing 20 skill crafter
>One day he lights the hospital on fire as my best researcher and doctor are inside recovering from plague
>Don’t get notified there’s a fire and nobody puts it out because I forgot to put it into my home area
>By the time I realise there’s a problem, the patients are being boiled alive inside a glorified furnace at over 300+ degrees
>Unable to get to them in time due to the entire room being lit ablaze, so they both die screaming
>Decide I’ve had enough of this pyromaniac son of a , 20 crafting skill be damned
>Just so happens that I’d bought his two daughters from slave traders about a week ago
>Strip him and his daughters naked and line them up outside
>Draft him and order him to gun them down where they stand with his assault rifle
>Figure he needs some time alone to think after witnessing such a horrible event
>Lock him in solitary confinement with no food for 4 days
>When he is conscious, he’s having mental breaks due to malnutrition and his daughters unfortunate deaths
>Let him beat his fists to a pulp against the solid marble walls trying to escape
>Remember that I’m a nice person, so I decide to take mercy on him and give him something to eat
>Order him to butcher the corpses of his children up into strips of raw flesh and leather
>He’s looking mighty hungry so I force feed him their remains
>We live under a mountain in a freezing cold tundra, and he’s completely naked since I stripped him
>Decide he’s looking rather cold, order him to put his crafting skills to good use
>He fashions several masterwork quality pieces of clothing out of his daughter’s skin, including a lovely cowboy hat
>Tell him to put them on and stay warm because I’m a nice person
>For some reason he’s still throwing tantrums and lighting fires despite my generosity
>If there’s one thing I won’t tolerate, it’s ungratefulness
>Proceed to get him addicted to cocaine, crack, amphetamines, combat boosters, beer, pot and ambrosia
>Put him in solitary again, this time with food because I have a conscience
>No drugs though
>After a week he’s still ungrateful and angry, so I decide it’s time to exile him from the colony and send him on his way
>Upon taking a few steps outside the base, he immediately gets disembowelled by a polar bear that he tries to fist fight
>Literally a minute later one of my colonists decides it’s time to throw a party, and everyone’s invited
>Rest in pieces you goddamn pyromaniac

Rimworld is the best warcrime simulator on the market, and that’s not even counting the thousands of extra hours you can get from the vibrant modding community. 10/10, go buy it now.

First 14 days.

hu what am i doing ?
oh this is how i build and harvest things.
trader came, ignored them.
few days later bandits came and i survived.
Found out I could build prison room, so I captured an injured bandit.
Look at bandits skills and had the impression he would soon pass away due to his injurys.
Well what to do, i harvest his organs and put them in the fridge in case my own people need them or sell for profit hmmmmm 😉

A story from my colony.
At some point a general and his mercenarys show up building some kind of defensive outpost, and i thought i better do a fast strike with my sniper… to my surprise some of his people had heavy machine guns and i lost 2 of my 5 people..
An next the started throwing handgranate that set fire to the grass and almost half of the map burned due to the dry inviroment and i had to spend allot of time stopping it from burning my base… It was a masacre and most of the wild life in the area died. .. But also the injured people from the battle cought fire , but i managed to caputre the general and put him in my prison but lost some cool gear and friends in the fire..
Now im trying to save the rest of my crews life by amputating legs and arms it is not easy since my best surgeon went up in flames on the battlefield and the other one I dont really think is a qualified doctor but faked his medical papers. A guy had his foot shot off so I give him a woodden leg, but i dont know if he will survie since he have a nasty infection, question is should i harvest organs now before he die ?
Anyway my attention again turn towards the captured enemy and i thought should i convert him to help me, but realized he was a bad man who would create trouble, so I stole his organs… or maybe I should say i tried, since my surgeon failed again and again and he bleed to death.
At the moment I have a good solid base with electricty and tons of food, but it might soon be almost empty due to infections and loos of people.

But who need people anyway, I also have a few pets that breed 😉
In another new game my base again was attacked by pirates and they throw grenades that set fire to my fields and my house since it was build of wood. To make the story short i tried to put out the fire, but lost most of my people. One reason where the solar batterys started burning and exploded, another reason was they simply could not take the heat and lack of oxygen. But maybe the most fun thing happned when my last survior tried ran from the fire and tried to hide inside my mine. In there I also had my pets, 2x black panters that I was hoping would breed more panters so i could have my own panter army i could use to kill pirates with… Anyway i run in there and hide for the fire, however in this very moment i realized i forgot one very important thing…

I forgot to let them out so they could hunt food, so they where very hungry..

so they jumped me from behind and that was the end of my life.. but at least I could see their small room started to burn at the time my life flashed before my eyes. (Revenge).

Nice game 😉

One day a pretty lady join my crew. She has a notable talent for art, so she sculpt tousands of masterpieces for my base, sell lots of it and become the major incoming of money. We literally swim in money and everybody was happy with the beautyful place the base reach to be and everybody loves her.

An explousion in the night.
The lady lays in the floor, blood is everywhere, fire surround her.

All her friends runs through the flames to rescue her.
She still alive
All her extremities get lost.
No arms, no legs, nothing but a head on a torso incapable of doing anything just twisted in the floor.
A hopeless Worm-lady lost in a hell of sadness an melancholia.

But everybody loves she, everybody in the base take care of her.
They crafts a couple of rough wooden legs but can`t do anything for her missing arms.
They take turns for feeding her and make she feel confortable, at least at the beginning.
She become a really dark being, frustration and sadness dig really deeply in her brain. All interaction with her come to be a painfull event.

Once again, winter is here, money doesnt flow anymore. There is a lot of work to do and everybody in the base is really busy and worry abour the raiders and lack of food. Nobody has time and patient to take care of the Worm-lady anymore.

Everybody pretend to no see her. The only thing she can do is sneaking into the barn and feed himself putting her face on the raw meat she can find in the cold floor. Then, she wander outside of the base, without route, with her eyes lost in the trees, with nobody to talk, nothing to do until the night falls again, and again.

Summer arrived, is a sunny day and everybody is working in the fields. Life is less painfull again for everybody, the peaceful has arrived once again. Except for the Worm-lady. For her, the days doesnt pass, the sun doesnt bright. But it doesnt matter to anyone anymore.

Wandering in the woods like everyday, not far from the base, the cruel destiny surprise her once again.
A roar in the shadows, cold spine, fear in the veins, a vain tried of protect her face, invisible arms cant do much, imaginary arms cant defend her, no arms come to save her this time.

A feary noise scare away the beast. Worm-lady lay on the dirt with the guts expose to the air, screaming in vain, this time her frinds doesnt show up. In the base everybody hear the far screams, eyes match with eyes, nobody say a word. The night falls and looks its gonna rain.

Everyone retires to the dormitories but nobody sticks an eye, the cries of pain remain all night long.

Facing the sky, raining fall over her face, Worms-lady breathe no more.

Years pass by in the base of this forgotten mountains. Life isnt that hard for anyone. Nobody think about her anymore, nobody speak her name in years, maybe someone try to figure out is she really existed once. Nothing remains as a proof of her steps on this world. Nothing but the hundreds of majestic sculptures that everybody see each day thinking that always were there.

Nobody remember the Worm-lady.

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