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This mod adds nullification fields to all thoughts in an effort to make my mods more compatible. The game complains about doubled fields so I wanted to make sure there were no doubled fields by creating this. This should have no impact on load time. Might add other fields to other aspects of the game that I intend to edit. Eventually making sure everything has every field for ease of patch operations.

This is required for every mod in the mod list listed above this description and does very little on its own as it just adds missing tags to things so i can patch them and avoid strange conflicts.

My hero who started naked and alone was incapable of violence. He survived and even married but proved a bad husband becuase one day when his wife was being eaten by a bear in front of him he was unwilling to defend her or himself. But later being hungry and in ratty apparel was apparently enough to provoke him into a homicidal rampage around the base. Seeing his wife consumed wasn’t enough, but ripped pants and a missed meal was. Later, having kitted out his friends with plasteel plate armour and heavy machine guns, and with two of them being Master level at shooting, they raided a nearby hostile base of primitives. Sadly the bows and arrows of the enemy were enough to overcome the plasteel and guns. I’m not joking. Luckily one of my team stayed on their feet long enough for the enemy to flee in panic. Sadly he was unable to tend his friends as they lay dying becuase a suitable bed or sleeping area hadn’t been set aside for them. I can see how that would put a battlefield medic off. Better to let them die where they lay, which is what he did. This became a moot point however becuase his own wounds proved too much and he became a sad wanderer and the caravan was lost. You can imagine his autobiography. ‘My friends lay wounded and crying for help but it was too much so I wandered off feeling sorry for myself.’ Things back at base took a turn for the worse when my pacifist, occasionally homicidal, hero, his soldiers gone, was trapped in his house by man eating squirrels. I mean .. come on. The squirrels even took out an automated machine gun.
This game has a lot going for it but there are too many blatantly stupid things about it to be forgivable. Hours of building up can be destroyed by a angry guinea pig or a person willing to burn his base down becuase his clothes are tatty and he hasn’t slept for a while. Its basically a bunch of mentally unstable people permanently on the edge, having their lives threatened by household pets. It stops being fun after a while.
And one last thing. How can a colonist be unwilling to firefight? The base is burning down around their ears and they decide its a peachy time to cook a simple meal? The AI needs improving please.
I would recommend but with a player beware that lots of hard work can be undone by something stupid.

So some things happened to my colony…

It all started with the very much hated thing known as ‘Toxic Fallout’
It’s when toxic ash or whatever covers the atmosphere and noone can go outside because they can get sick because of it.

I, as a regular guman being, decided it’d be best if my colonists stayed inside because I do not want them to die or get a serious illness because of it…

But my colonists had other ideas

I turned off all the farming, and hauling until the toxic fallout passed, I had a massive reserve of 30,000 potatoes to feed my colony incase something like this happened, I was very well prepared. I took every measure ensuring they would never go outside. And it worked for a while

Until they all started having completley random mental breakdowns for no reason they could not solve whatsoever. I was at the point where every few minutes I would see another notification saying someone was having a mental break, for reasons such as them being hungry, tired, or just feeling bad. Keep in mind, I have an order out to have 80 simple meals at all time and it is usually at this number if not just a little bit lower. They can eat at any time, they all have their own bed, and god knows why they have a mental breakdown for just feeling a tiny bit down that day.

What better place to have a mental breakdown than outside in toxic fallout though, right?
They went from being inside, and just stepped outside to have their break. I could not get them inside, and sometimes had to resort to having to arrest my own people to bring them indoors so that they would not get hurt because of the fallout.

Not only were there constant mental breaks for reasons that they could solve themselves, but some people decided taking a nice stroll outside in toxic air was a brilliant idea! I have many sources of entertainment but toxic air was apparently their favorite. I do not usually notice things like this because I’m trying to do actually productive things indoors.

Alas, some of them just could not go indoors, and four of them got dementia due to too high levels of toxic fallout

Lesson learned, remove doors next time and replace with walls.

Noones coming out now…..


Overall 9.5/10. Fantastic game with excellent replay value, which continues to increase due to unnecessary, but very welcome, developer updates. By far the greatest game I’ve played in a few years. The developer has shown bravery to go into the more questionable places which big developers shy away from. Have a pregnant colonist who could really use a new lung? Just capture one of your enemies and harvest theirs, no problem!

The algorithms created by Sylvester for the seeded world generation, the expert systems for the pawns, the amount of content and dynamic vareity/frequency of random events, just everything. Incredible. Sylvester has displayed he isn’t just trying to throw together an idea for some money, he created a full product and really went the extra mile with it, somehow with less than half a gb of space. Incredible.

This game is truly, truly a breath of fresh air in a world with so many sub-par games, filling a genre of game which has been missing in action since dwarf fortress, and truly did it justice. Although this game removed some of the things Dwarf Fortress did really well, it clearly added much more that Dwarf Fortress was lacking. Rimworld will be remembered amongst the greatest of all time. Thank you Sylvester.

There are only a handful of things that I think need Rimworld is missing, such as:
-being able to climb on top of mountains
-removable overhead mountains
-more recreation activities and furniture/decorations
-more artisan goods
-pawns who are being carried home with <5 hours to live suddenly decide to stand up and walk home themselves at 20% speed and refuse to be carried should be able to be force carried
-more prosthetics/bionics or skin grafts (torso, please) and advanced research to create some of the more expensive items
-more detailed text for medical injuries, ‘old gunshot, torso’ is not very much information as to why my colonist is permanently at 29% pain minimum, does he need new skin? a new ribcage?

Along with a couple other minor things that I can’t think of at this time. They are minor frustrations in an otherwise 9.5/10 game.

Sure there are probably mods for many or all of these, but in my experience using multiple mods can have unfavorable results.

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