[JDS] Star Wars Phase I Clone Armor

MOD Desc
This mod add StarWar:clone war armor set and my second mod other then ‘Fallout T-45’ for A14 . I still don’t know how to code that will so if something bug i’ll try to fix it

Note:All Phase I armor has same base stat

Features: Standard Phase I Armor
– Colored White
Sergeant Phase I Armor
– Colored Green
Lieuteant Phase I Armor
– Colored Blue
Captain Phase I Armor
– Colored Red
Commander Phase I Armor
-Colored Yellow
ARC Phase I Armor
Commando Phase I Armor
ARF Standard Helmet
Special Ops StandardHelmet
Standard Pilot Standard Helme
Cold Assualt Armor Set

Crafting Requirements: -Craftable
-Research Requirements: Fabrication

Phase I Helmet
-Crafting Skill: 8
-Steel: x40
-Plasteel: x20
-Component: x4
-Advanced Component: x1

Phase I Armor
-Crafting Skill: 8
-Steel: x120
-Plasteel: x50
-Component: x8
-Advanced Component: x1

dninemfive – For using his .dll Code for the shielding

Knightingale as of right now i’m making it all standalone when i’m 95% done i’ll just put all of it into one mod. The use of different material do make the armor more durable and change the stat, but may change the color of it plus i didn’t make a overlay for it knowing its going to take so much time

Update: 11/23/19Added Personal Shield to Katarn-Class Armor,now need ‘JocsTools Mod’-Added Advanced Recon Force(ARF) Helmet-Added Standard Pilot Helmet-Added Special Ops Helmet-Added Cold Assualt Armor Set-Added West_side art to all ARC set * If you see any graphics glitch report, Thanks*

I had the idea of giving my colonists ranks, and chose to use clone ranks. Then I thought of using coloured marine armour to denote it, using the clone colour scheme… and then I thought of looking for clone armour instead. Very interesting. I’ll be having a look at this mod… maybe edit the cost and effect of the armour to match marine armour, maybe altering the commander armour’s colour. AI pawns don’t spawn in these, do they?

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