Kerbal Race

MOD Desc
Kerbal Race is a mod that adds a new race with the help of Humanoid Alien Races. This mod requires Humanoid Alien Races 2.0. Place this mod after the Humanoid Alien Races 2.0 mod in the modlist.

Kerbal – a faction

Kerbal Race Description:

The Kerbals are an alien race from the planet Kerbin in the Kerbol star system. They are small, green, humanoids with large heads. In my head canon, they evolved from plants, thus they are afraid of fire.

More comfortable in extreme temperatures.
Require slightly less food
Greater health
Fear of fire prohibits pyromania
Fearless (except for fire)
Great at constructing things
Enjoy growing things

Slower move speed
More flammable than humans
Often afraid to fight fire

Mod files based on ‘Cactaceae’ by Hivemind and included Kerbal friendly modified hairstyles from ‘Nickblad Inc Rimhair’. NOTE: Kerbals have a differently shaped head from the standard ‘human’ race, and therefore, some helmets/hairstyles/headgear will look strange.

Early access at its finest!

Rimworld is a birds-eye view sandbox survival ‘God game’ where you are put in charge of looking after your colonists living in a harsh and dangerous world, the final goal, escape the planet or die trying. This game is simply so much fun, it thrives off creative and fundamentally logical and well thought out actions. The game may seem daunting at first sight but it soon becomes clear as to why there are so many buttons and things to look at. I (at the time of writing this review) have sunk 206.6 hours into this game and i plan to spend many more happy hours building and making my own conoly thrive.

I believe that Rimworld is so great, so well thought out and works so well at stealing those evenings away purely because its creative and mishaps that happen during your time playing. So for instance i had just started a colony and i needed some food and then part of the games ‘random occurances’ a group of small dogs randomly joined me in the middle of winter. Rather than petting and naming the dogs i quickly chopped them up and fed them to my colonists. (disclaimer i do love dogs and cats in real life and would never harm them) But its that sort of fun randomness that always keeps every colony different, each minute of gameplay sorting out a different issue, fun!

Even if you get bored of the vanilla game you will soon discover the steam workshop is full of great mods, some that add a whole new game in your game and those which just simply help you out with those annoying things.

I simply can’t recommend this game enough!

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