S.T.A.L.R.I.M (1.0)

Rimworld is with or without mods an absolute blast. The best story-generator that exist. This game combines so many features incredibly well. There is an incredible amount of customization in the base game, and the community created mods also have thousands of configurations.

This game is so massive that it’s hard to start anywhere in this review. So to make this sweet and short, this game will make you laugh, but it can also become dramatic and exciting, especially in the beginning due to a steep learning curve (Don’t worry, there are millions of ways to customize difficulty).

The base game and the dlc get really big updates from time to time, and I’m talking about really big.
Only drawback of updates is that mods have to be updated, but most mods, especially smaller quality of life ones will work inbetween versions, and the mod makers are usually updating mods pretty quickly.

Also, this game rarely gets into a sale, and if it does it will be like 10%. Just buy it all full price.

I have played the game a little bit.

If you like a rough time with little reward and your favorite colonist dying, this is the game for you.

If you like an easy colony builder with a few attacks and your favorite colonist getting Marine Armor and a legendary gun, this game is for you.

If you are the type of person like me that feels like you did something wrong in the last game and can make it better in the next one, this game is for you.

If you are the type of person that does everything correctly and wants a different challenge from the same game, this game is for you.

If you like to sit for hours and try to make electronic people’s colony life better by adding a steel flower pot, moving a bed and making sure there is enough food, this game is for you.

If you want a 1st person shooter with non-stop action and well made spites? Not for you.

I have only played two other games more then Rimworld, and that is Skyrim and Minecraft. I prefer Rimworld.

I don’t know what more I can add to the review of this game. It’s basically Dwarf Fortress with the theme of ‘Space Western’ (a la Firefly or Cowboy Bebop) and the art style of Prison Architect. While the ‘goal’ of the game is to crash land on a planet and escape it, you can straight up choose to build up the colony and make it thrive until it all comes tumbling down, a la DF. The characters you control each have emotions, skills, personalities that can mesh or clash, and spending so much time watching your worker bees mine, slave away at workbenches, or getting patched up or interact with each other will undoubtedly make you grow attached to every single one of them. The way you go about building, feeding, assigning jobs, travel the world, is nearly limitless. It may never go on sale, but I assure you, this game will have you hooked within the first hour. In addition, the workshop community is thriving, the modders, artists, programmers are wildly talented and will serve to see the game lasts a very long time.

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