Ancient Asian Weapons

MOD Desc
This mod adds some ancient asian weapons.

Author: eatKenny
Ludeon forum[]

License This mod is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.

~~~~~~Day Log 1538~~~~~~~

Maskinnen picked up a crude signal being transmitted over to us, a voice was crying out for help, gunshots were heard in the background. Quickly we told the one sending the signal our location. Not more than 10 seconds later we see her, a young girl running from 4 men armed with heavy weaponry, we cried out to her, ‘Quickly! Over here!’ She dashed through the autodoor and made it safely outside. But now we had to fight. Explosions were heard, one of the men was armed with frag grenades. We switched the turrets on, -CHAK CHAK CHAK- one of the bursts ripped through a mans chest, throwing him to the ground. Off in the distance Bren saw a glint, -CHEK- Bren gave me a look then looked down at his hand, well what was left of it. Bren was going into shock but I still needed to fend off these marauders. Two loud explosions were heard, leaving two smouldering craters where our turrets used to be. I was the last fighting man left, I carefully aimed my assault rifle at the man with the grenades and took him down, now for the sniper. I went to a nearby wall out of the scope of the sniper. I peered around the corner -CHEK- the bullet narrowly missed me, I had an opportunity, -CHAK CHAK CHAK- the burst of my rifle hit him in the shoulder, -CHAK CHAK CHAK- he was down.
Quickly I ran back to Bren he was out cold. I rushed him inside and treated him as best I could. I ran out of the medical room and I see the girl, tears in her eyes she half whispered ‘Thank you’ and than ran off.

-BZZZT- ‘Damn it!’ ‘Got it…’ I heard Maskinnen yell from down the hall.

This game is really rad, well worth the $30.

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