Gear Up And Go

MOD Desc
Adds a button to draft, swap gear, then go to the target location

‘A Raid! Is it time for battle!’

‘Suit up!’

‘Okay I’ve got my armor vest, I’m going to go plant some corn’

‘I’ve already got armor so I’m still mining’


‘But I haven’t got my helmet on yet’

Gearing up for battle is a mess. This mod makes sense out of it.

Normally (if you don’t just wear cumbersome armor 24/7) to equip everyone with new gear, you need to change all their outfits, draft/undraft them so they stop their job, they find new gear, then they continue work. You want them to go to the defensive lines, but you have to catch each one as they finish gearing up. So, this mod makes that whole process a single button.

A button to Gear Up And Go somewhere. Just Click the ‘Gear & Go’ button and target a spot: Colonists gear up for their outfit, draft, then go there.

Clicking the button will set a policy from the mod Better Pawn Control. Set the policy name in the Settings.
– You can right-click the icon to choose the policy for that click
– You can alt-click the Gear+Go target to not set the policy, just gear+go
– See for exact how-to.

It remembers the previous policy, and shift-clicking the button (when green) resets the policy. (Shift-clicking no longer undrafts – I didn’t find that to be best) There’s also an alert icon onscreen to remind you the better pawn control policy was set, click that to reset as well.

If you don’t use Better Pawn Control… well. Go use that. But if not, you’ll need to manually set the outfits for pawns before clicking the button.

Combat Extended Support – it will look for changes in the loadout as well. BCP will set the policy, Gear+Go uses the set loadout to find things to grab.

Though I found it didn’t always work with heavy things – the limit was reached, but trying again sometimes worked. So I’m gonna blame CE for having such low weight capacity.

No special decisions are added here. Colonists simply change apparel as normal, then when nothing is needed to wear, they are drafted and ordered to a spot.

Re: Defensive Positions

Gear Up and Go To Defensive Positions would be cool, but Gear+Go targeting the Defensive Positions widget would require a certain amount of collaboration between two mods.

Instead, you can Gear+Go to a spot as normal, then shift-click Defensive Positions to queue it up (possibly another key, check settings, but in either case that’s just queueing the Defensive Positions like normal)

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Ludeon Forum Thread:
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  • Ah, after reading comments, and a quick test, the way to not change everyone’s outfit is to manually set the individual’s outfit, then alt-click the Gear Up And Go button.It would be great if you could add support for both methods (although honestly I don’t see the use-case for changing everyone’s outfit). I don’t like having to remember to change the outfit back when the danger is over. Ideally it would do this automatically when you undraft them (or perhaps set it back as soon as they have finished getting geared up – they shouldn’t remove their clothes when they’re drafted, right?), but an alert for it would work fine too, similarly to how it works now.I suggest left clicking the button to set just the selected colonist’s outfit to the outfit defined in the mod settings, and alt clicking to set the Better Pawn Control’s policy, so that everyone changes outfit. A mod setting to invert the button could be added to keep the behaviour as it is now, then nobody could complain.
  • THOUGHT wise. How ‘deep storage’ can put like 4000 items in a single spot? When you ‘gear up’, have it create a ‘equipment pile’ on the ground that can hold 20 items, allow all weapons/armor with CRITICAL priority. With radius and priority, that pawn should drop ALL their stuff there.Granted, default behavior, now other pawns are gonna DRAG items to that spot… BUT WAIT, there’s more! Create a ‘radius’ for stockpile of 3 (incase pawn dropped equipement slightly off center). Bam. All their stuff in one spot. When done with armour, they will hang up where appropriate, then head back to their regular equipment (or whatever better they find). After gear/go a few times, you got 80 tiny stockpiles around the base now? NO PROB! Have it do a check every so often, if there are any stockpiles named ‘GEAR UP’ with 0 items and delete them. Worst case, pawns will haul stuff back to apparel storage.
  • hey Uuuim a little stomped on how to use this,im presuming ill be using better pawn control aswellim just curious as to how i’d go about doing the followinglong term im hoping i can get up loadouts if this is possible…when it gets to warm – my pawns will dress in cooler clothes,when it gets to cold – they’ll stick parkas on and so on…and most days wear outfits i want to assign to them.then when a raid kicks off, im hoping to get my guards to dispatch to the guardstation load up in combat gear then set off where i need them to defend.i was just wondering if thats possible,if i set up policies for them,how would i go about getting them to gear up for combat?does gear up and go automatically make them put combat gear on?or do i need to assign policy before gear up and go will work ?
  • Sorry, but one more comment to this:’Though I found it didn’t always work with heavy things – the limit was reached, but trying again sometimes worked. So I’m gonna blame CE for having such low weight capacity.’If pawn will drop items from inventory *before* trying to take the new item, then it is fine ;)And yes, my workaround is:1. Select all colonists2. Click ‘Gear up’ – they will start to unload inventory and take items in hands.3. Click ‘Stop’ – they will drop what they have in hands4. Repat 2-3 untill no more items.Just checked it with colonist with full inventory with concrete (‘Pick Up And Haul’ mod, he was transporting it). He had no weight capacity, so he didn’t take the weapon. But yes, after he carefully unloaded the concrete and after my second click (‘Gear up’ again), then he took the weapon and ammo.

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