Realistic Prosthetics Expansion

MOD Desc
It seemed irrational to me that a colonist would need to replace their entire arm if they had lost a hand or even a few fingers. This mod aims to address this issue without adding too many unnecessary implants.

The mod includes:
Hook Hands
Glass Eyes
Prosthetic/Bionic Hands
Prosthetic/Bionic Feet
Prosthetic Digits (Fingers and Toes)
Prosthetic Noses
Bionic Lungs
Bionic Kidneys
Bionic Livers
Surgeries to repair shattered bones

Hook hands and prosthetic organs have a pretty severe efficiency penalty, while prosthetic/bionic limbs and digits match the stats of their base-game counterparts.

Surgery Requirements:
Hook Hand – 1 steel
Glass Eye – 1 steel
Prosthetic Nose – 1 steel
Bone Repair – 10 plasteel

Gameplay. Get that right and you’ll be successful. And Rimworld did.
The graphics are serviceable.
The sound and music are ok.
But the gameplay – fantastic. It’s got that ‘one more turn’ style that’ll have you sitting down at 6pm and looking at your clock a few minutes later as it reads 3am.
Create you idyllic settlement, full of happy little campers, or an organ harvesting, drug growing hellhole with human skin hats. I even tried being an underground chicken rancher, and so can you. It’s your choice.
Then when you get bored after many tens or hundreds of hours, open up steam workshop and download some of the hundreds of mods available and spend another hundred hours playing. Daylight is for losers. Friends are for suckers. Rimworld is life.

Started out with five random settlers with nothing but primitive technology and spears. Manage to build a base and defend against countless attacks from raiders with assault rifles, grenades, and sniper rifles using nothing but spears and bows. Manage to tame 10 alpacas and traded for high tech military gear using the never ending supply of crafted clothes from my alpacas. Poison fallout spread throughout the land, where we rescued a couple alpacas yet to be tamed before they would die to the poison. Surviving that, bear-sized, man-eating insects spawned in the middle of my base. My settlers fought these insects, without a single person dying. My war torn people finally had a nice streak of peace to clean up and fix our colony. Until everyone died to heatstoke.

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