Religions of Rimworld 2.0

MOD Desc
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The mod is a framework and does not contain religion by default. I hope that the community will create its own religions and connections between other religions. However, to show the possibilities of this framework, you can download the Basic Pack of religions.

An improved version of the first version of the mod, a completely rethought idea of religions in the game.

Religion is a source of rules of conduct for a character who has a certain faith. Religion influences many aspects of a character’s life and has the following parameters:

– Piety
– Conversion criteria
– Conversion by talk
– Conversion incidents
– Conversion mental breaks
– Opinion
– Reaction to pawn/animal murders
– Reaction to pawn/animal deaths
– Eating specific foods
– Holy/banned weapons
– Apparel and apparel materials
– Religion buildings
– Worship
– Praying

Now your characters will have another feature that will affect their mood, behavior and more!

Every religion has unique effects on gameplay. The new Religion menu tab ingame accesses a codex of religions, showing their features for each of your characters.

Default Religions I made some default religions so you can add them too!

Your own religion!
Create your own religion! All you have to do is follow the tutorial[]

Is this mod is compatible with Multiplayer Mod?
I’m not sure. Haven’t tested it yet but I suppose no. After some time of tests I’ll do my best to make it compatible

Is this mod is compatible with previous mod version?
No it’s not. 2.0 was fully rebuilded with a brand new code base

I don’t understand what to do and how it’s work!
Check out the FAQ[]

  • Thanks for the response, I realized now I have to match their free time with religious activities cause they wont do it in work hours. but there is another problem. I think 3+ piety per one worship (only for the one conduction the prayers btw, the atendees only get 1+ :L) is really low especially since the piety bar decreases so fast. So I probably need to have like 5times of prayers in a day like Islam, which is not ideal for me since i want my colonists to work. I was thinking of doing a long ‘church time’ at the weekends rather then having to have them pray everyday/everyhour.Can we have like a mod options so we can set how much piety we can get per worship/ how much the piety decrease over time? I think that would be best to make the mod more customizeable to the players. Oh and is it also possible to make the ‘tasks’ tab similar to bills tab so its easier to copy/paste and set prayers?
  • I love the ideas amd new features of this mod in comparison to the first religions of rimworld mod!But as some people already mentioned, a tutorial on how to set up a church / make people take care of their faith and so on would be great!Right now I have a church set up, and there’s supposed to be a ceremony every day, but I have to make my pawns do them by manually letting the priest hold the ceremony. Apart from that only one of my colonists is praying and every other religious pawn (all have same faith) just gets -10 debuff and does not do anything about it (no praying, not joining ceremonys….)I dont know if Im doing sth wrong or if its a bug / incompability with another mod.
  • Is there any way you could make the custom religion building be an ingame interface? Obviously it would likely be a pretty heavy undertaking, but I think that would be the cherry on top for this mod that could easily make it one of the most popular.As a majority of the coding options are essentially predefined anyway, you really would just need to create a UI to fill those aspects for you by selecting from drop downs. I am kind of imagining something like the Numbers mod. You could then save the religion settings as a specific religion name and you would have to convert your colonists. You could even save multiple religions and therefore have issues between religions within your colony. (continues in next comment…)
  • Harder feature questions/requests:1. Is it possible to give different religions different ‘weights’ in spawning such that 30% of pawns spawn following religion A, 20% religion B, 5% Religion/Cult C, and the remaining without any?2. Is it possible to give religions different weights when it comes to issues of ‘conversion’? Such that followers of Religion A can more easily be converted to Religion B due to similarities or explicit coding, but are more difficult to convert to religion C due to differences or more explicit coding?3. Is it possible to have ‘Denominations’ with this framework such that Denomination A-D are all branches of Religion A and, as such, all share overarching similarities with each-other save for a few peculiarities and any convert to Religion A has a semi-random chance of becoming any Denomination within that religion?
  • Mode don’t work not recommended… I followed every tutorial, did what was necessary and I could not get this mod to work. BTW I was using the default pack that was made, the religion being makers church. I built the temple with the ques, worship spot, altar with book and lecture. I assigned the religion and did the bills for them to worship on the scheduled times. I also assigned the building appropriately. And yet nothing none of my religious pawns that followed the faith did worship. All of the schedule times were always red, even when the time came. I also would assign a preacher, and built the temple in another position. I have had three colony play through’s with this mod not working. Maybe Makers church don’t work or I have a mod that conflicts with this. You could add to the schedule tab a religion scheduler so they are scheduled there as well, I think it makes sense too since recreation and sleep is a need, and that option is there. It might fix whats going on.

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