Wandering Caravans [v2.4.2]

MOD Desc
Wandering Caravans
Wandering Caravans adds the possibility for pack animals, that have been separated from the trade caravans of factions, to appear near a colony or be spotted by one of your trade caravans. These wandering caravans may have inventories loaded with valuable items with the intention of being traded at the caravans destination, which can now be obtained by your colonists by taming or killing the wandering caravan!


  • The off-chance of wandering caravans to spawn near your colony, which are pack animals that have been separated from their trade caravan and have been left to wander the Rimworld with a trading inventory.
  • A unique and balanced inventory generating system that dynamically generates random inventories for the wandering caravans based on value and the number of categories, to ensure the wandering caravans are fair and make logical sense (e.g. they wont be carrying fresh food).
  • Two wandering caravan related incidents.

Known Issues:

  • None

Known Mod Incompatibilities:

  • None

Change Log:

  • Version 2.0:
    • Mod re-released
  • Version 2.1:
    • Completely reworked the inventory generation system for the wandering caravans:
      • Entire base inventory generation system is now the vanilla trading caravan inventory generation system.
      • Wandering Caravans can no longer spawn with items that have a short fresh lifespan, and items that don’t but can still rot have their fresh lifespans greatly reduced by a random modifier.
    • Wandering caravans are now much easier to tame, which makes sense as they would have already been tamed before.
  • Version 2.2:
    • Colonists now unload a wandering caravans inventory upon it being tamed.
    • Added new wandering caravan related incidents:
      • Wandering caravan chased – a wandering caravan with a potentially valuable inventory is being chased down by a hostile faction; you can defend the caravan by fighting off the hunters to gain access to the caravans inventory, or you can just let them have it.
      • Wandering caravan return demand – the faction that a nearby wandering caravan belongs to has come to return what is rightfully theirs; you can let the group retrieve it, or you can kill/tame the caravan to claim its potentially valuable inventory, although the retrieving faction will not appreciate that!
  • Version 2.2.1:
    • Updated to Beta 18.
    • Implemented slight changes to the caravan inventory generation system.
  • Version 2.3:
    • Modified the logistics behind the wandering caravans – wandering caravans no longer have their own race, which solves some mod incompatibilities.
    • Any pack animal can now be a wandering caravan, not just Mufallos and Dromedarys (including modded animals).
    • Wandering caravans are now spawned by an incident, which can occur on home maps or while travelling in a caravan. Also, you will now be notified whenever wandering caravans are spawned.
    • Wandering caravans now spawn in a group size identical to their native animal group size.
  • Version 2.3.1:
    • Added a small hotfix that was causing the wandering caravan chase incident to spawn an animal without an inventory.
  • Version 2.3.2:
    • Allows wandering caravans to be generated with inventories based off of modded non-orbital trader kinds.
    • Re-added the ‘jump to location’ option for wandering caravan spawn notification letters.
  • Version 2.3.3:
    • Modified the spawn range of wandering caravans that have base animals which do not spawn wildly.
  • Version 2.3.4:
    • Balanced all the wandering caravan incident frequencies by slightly reducing them and adding minimum refire days, due to player reports of the incident being fired too often.
  • Version 2.3.5:
    • Updated to B19.
  • Version 2.4.0:
    • Updated to 1.0.
    • Modified the inventory generation system in order to further balance the mod; inventories are now less diverse, high market value inventories are rarer, and foods much less plentiful.
    • Wandering caravans now only spawn when the maps eco system isn’t full, so players can’t use the caravans as a cheat to get extra meat.
  • Version 2.4.1:
    • Modified the inventory generation system to make the caravans more balanced.
    • Version 2.3.2:
      • Updated to Rimworld v1.1.

Feel free to include this mod in any mod pack, but please credit!
Please ask if you wish to use this mod to develop your own content (I will most likely accept, but I would appreciate it if I was notified first).
Please do not use my content for commercial use without my permission!

Support my Creations:

You won’t need to start a new save game when you install this mod, although if you want to remove it, I recommend killing all the spawned wandering caravans before doing so!

Also, I am preparing a video tutorial series that shows the step by step development process of this mod (explained in detail) for those that are interested in learning how to mod Rimworld, let me know how many people are interested!

Ludeon Forums Page[ludeon.com]

I’m speaking of all caravan animals in their entirety. The Carvan Chase is just the most frustrating one because I have to actually fight to get no reward.So there’s no files that I can edit anywhere on my side that will allow me to edit the caravan value? Because currently 100% of the caravan events aren’t worth going after in my games to the point where I’m concerned that my wandering caravans are bugged out because the worthless values can’t be by design. Even just randomly spawning caravans on my map aren’t worth tracking down unless I already needed more meat.Like yesterday I had a wandering caravan spawn in that was 4 muffalos but the collective inventory between the 4 of them was 9 silver, a simple meal, 8 coal chunks, 1 gold, and 3 wood. Like, I want to give these caravans some actual worth to going and getting them because otherwise they might as well just be regular animals for how they’re spawning into my games.

Part 1: So, your complaint is not about the loot itself, since they only give a handful of resources, but the way the animals that are being event-spawned into a low-animal region are clogging up the map?I had never considered something like that, but I do have a potential idea on how to solve it (the following is just a random though from a passer by):The biomes store (somewhere) the amount of animals that it aims to have on the map.The chance of the event triggering (or doing something if it triggers) could be modified by this number.Using arbitrary examples and figures: A tropical rainforest has target 50 animals and the event is at 100% of it’s chance to trigger. A tundra has 5 animals, and so the event only has 10% of it’s normal chance to trigger.

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