MOD Desc
Added the highly, highly controversial apendage of legs! As pawns now have legs it makes sense that they also have bums XD

This will now mean that pants (or the lack of) are visible on your pawns. If you have an anti-leg philosophy then don’t download the mod.

Also added a little more detail to pawn bodies for added character – I consider it a good way to empathise with their need for clothes.

A nice addition to this mod is Clutter – Misc, which adds hands: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=17610.0

You can definitely make it display lost or replaced limbs. I already commented on this on the Ludeon forums, but in case you missed it, the Corruption mod (in the Unfinished board of the Ludeon mod forum) has a rendering patch which allows implants to be shown visibly on the pawn. I don’t know how it works (I suspect witchcraft!) but that would be the place to look for tips on how to add that to this mod too.

Agree the body look is very nice, like the touch to the bodys (send that to the creator of the game to have him add it) AS for legs, The idea is nice, and its not a bad thing really, just not my cup of tea on this one. Tho those bodies might make it worth it. Just a nice touch of realizum on why cloths are needed. (got this mod without the legs?? XD)but really nice work still Thanks for YOUR effort at modding, you deserver Apperication.

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