Firepit + Torch Sconce

MOD Desc
Since campfires/torches no longer disappear in the base game as of B19, this mod will not be updated. Thanks to everyone who subscribed though!
Ever wanted versions of the campfire and torch that don’t disappear when they run out of fuel? Well now you can have that with the firepit and torch sconce! Just add a few pieces of metal or stone blocks to make this a reality. This is perfect for a tribal/medieval scenario.

The firepit and torch sconce do not replace the campire and torch, so you can use all of them at the same time if you like.

You can add this mod to an existing save game.

Building materials

  • Firepit – 3 metal/stone blocks
  • Torch sconce – 2 metal/stone blocks

The firepit and torch sconce take the same amount of fuel (20 wood) and burn at the same rate as their vanilla counterparts.

Have other mods that add recipes to the campfire?
Those recipes will be added to the firepit as well! All you have to do is load this mod after those other mods.

While any mods should be compatible, these mods’ recipes have been confirmed to work with the firepit:

  • Vegetable Garden
  • Medieval Times
  • GouRIMet

Compatibility Info

  • Biomes! Cavern Edition – built-in patch, no action required
  • [B18] Taimat 2018 – Stone Age, No Research v0214 – built-in patch, no action required
  • RimWorld Medieval Edition – Firepit + Torch Sconce needs to be BELOW this in the mod order, otherwise you can’t cook anything at the firepit
  • Water Power – Firepit + Torch Sconce needs to be ABOVE this in the mod order, otherwise you can only build the firepit and sconce in the water

If the firepit or torch sconce doesn’t accept a particular modded fuel, let me know in the comments and I’ll add a patch for it.

Non-Steam download Dropbox[] – Click Download and then Direct Download to get a .zip of the mod files.

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  • Huge thanks to Rainbeau Flambe for providing half of the assembly code for the firepit and for patiently helping me with my newbie problems. Check out Rainbeau’s many awesome mods!
  • Thanks to RawCode for providing the other half of the assembly code.

Compatibility patches (deprecated) These patches are no longer required (the woodworking mods are now compatible on their own) but they are still available for posterity’s sake.

Now updated for Alpha 17. I only did some brief testing so let me know if there are any problem.I’ve fixed the issue where the temperature wouldn’t drop if the firepit had run out of fuel. A room will now slowly get colder if the firepit isn’t fueled (and it’s cold outside of course).I did take a look at some other mods that have heaters with flames (particularly the BOLTASK lamp from RIMkea and the brazier from Medieval Times) and both of them have flames even when they don’t have fuel. So I’m going to chalk it up to a graphical oddity in RimWorld, maybe that will get fixed in a future release.

A few things to talk about here:It appears that Biomes! Cavern Edition tried to add a patch for this mod but it doesn’t work for some reason. So I added my own built-in patch in this mod. So fungal logs and coal are usable as fuel now.I figured out the issue you’ve been having. Firepit + Torch Sconce needs to be BELOW Rimworld: Medieval Edition because otherwise Medieval Edition overwrites the ability to cook at a firepit.Weaver I’ve added a patch for [B18] Taimat 2018 – Stone Age, No Research v0214 so that Fire needs to be researched before the firepit and torch sconce can be built.

I’m having the shallow water issue (firepit works fine IN the water though). Possible conflicts in my mod list:- Water power- [RF] Basic Bridges- Tribal Essentials- Vegatable Garden- Architect Sense- Combat ExtendedOther mods that I don’t think are conflicting, but will mentioned anyway…-Hugslib- Misc CORE- Misc Robots- Misc Beesnhoney- CE guns- Medical Tab- More furniture- Moody- Vegatable Garden- Expanded prosthetics- Efficient Light- Allow tool- Less rebuff- Refactored work- Doormats- Defensive positions- glass and lights- storage search- RT Fuse- Temp gauge- Realistic rooms- rimfridge- concrete walls- more planning- realistic darknessThanks for your work on the mod and your effort in solving this! Thank you!

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