Non-Flammable Metal (1.0-1.2)

MOD Desc
Makes Steel, Plasteel, Silver and Gold be not flammable. That’s all. Clean and compatible with everything.

Nah dude, you’re good. Steam workshop modding is NOTHING like I’m used to so even when I’m digging through files to try and see what’s being done and how things can be done… It’s difficult. I prefer the good old fashion download a file, extract the file. place wanted contents in folder or insert extracted wanted contents into game file, and enjoy.Steamworkshop sucks for documentation and doing such things…. Great for easy mode — But modding everything from Minecraft beta 0.8 to Mario cart Skyrim (rainbow island is super glitchy still) is anything but simple.

Indeed… It is beyond clear & obvious,.. to anyone at least, whom – WASNT DIRECTLY INVOLVED in the CONSPIRACY & COVER-UP PLOT of 911, that is……. that the author certainly intended to, either strike a nerve, in some… or at the very least, to offer up a general reference to.. the very same aforementioned events, that took place, on that very tragic day… It would seem that, a few Nay-Sayers, such as, – The_Bob, ( which, as my sources clearly indicate, is in fact, his secret undercover code-name, as I recall… ) along with a few of his fiendishly fanatical & cleverly calculating, contrived & conspiring cohorts, ( ALL of whom, were IN FACT, strategically & secretly planted here by – *THEM* ) were ALL, – quite recently & expeditiously enlisted, to dissuade us of the ‘ potentially dangerous & devastating notions of & / or wanting acts of ( *cough* ) FREE Discussion… On a Discussion Board, of all places… ( ~ GASP ~ )

Crying out, with their own outspoken notions, masked & shrouded & purposely designed & disguised in, layers upon layers of subterfuge; that, were it not for ALL those of us that have eyes to see & ears to hear, would instead leave us ALL empty & void & believing, that in fact, there never even WAS a calendar month of September that occurred AT ALL, in the year 2001……. AND THAT, ALL OF THIS, is merely just a pure random happenstance, ALL brought together simply & purely out of blind, dumb, circumstantial occurrences, painstakingly & thusly, inevitably mistakenly happened upon, by one poor, sole individual, by the name of – Magical Liopleurodon…….To all of that nonsense & hooey however,.. I think not… We think, therefore, we are… To all of the rest of it… I say… This heres Murica… You dont like it, then you can Geeet OUT.

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