Cupro’s Alloys -FINAL VERSION, NO 1.0+-

MOD Desc
Adds new mid-game/end-game alloyed metals for creating buildings, weapons, and art.

Workshop ID: 936486992

Items Added: Base Metals:

Recipes make 10 ingots.
Utility Alloys:
Plumchalcum: 8 lead, 2 copper
Duralumin: 9 aluminum, 1 copper
Zamak: 8 aluminum, 2 zinc
Bismuth Bronze: 6 copper, 2 zinc, 2 bismuth
Bronze: 9 copper, 1 tin/zinc
Cupronickel: 8 copper, 2 nickel
Stainless Steel: 8 steel, 1 nickel, 1 chromium
Hepatzion: 6 copper, 10 silver, 10 gold

Decorative Alloys:
Brass: 9 copper, 1 aluminum/zinc
Chrome-Plated Steel: 18 steel, 1 nickel, 1 chromium (makes 20)
Aurichalcum: 8 copper, 10 gold
Sterling Silver: 35 silver, 3 copper
Rose Gold: 35 gold, 3 copper
Electrum: 25 gold, 25 silver

Advanced Alloys:
Black Steel: 6 stainless steel, 4 hepatzion
Plastin: 4 tin, 4 plasteel, 2 bismuth bronze

Save Compatability This mod will work with existing saves, but all of the resources will have to be purchased from traders or mined using my Quarry mod.
Always back up your saves before adding new mods as there is always the possibility for issues.

Mod Compatability Architect Sense: All floors are grouped together
Combat Extended: Metals are regrouped to be usable for weapon crafting
Industrialisation: Copper and Aluminium are usable in recipes
Survivalist’s Additions: Forge/Crucible can be used to make alloys
No known issues yet, please report any issues

Older Versions and Update Notes All versions of this mod can be found on my GitHub[]. Each release has info on what has changed from the previous release.

  • Some of the new alloys work really well for weapons – you just have to check their stats (inspect the actual smelted alloy bars and it’ll show you). A lot of them work better for bashing weapons rather than cutting – Plumchalcum works great for clubs but poop for sharp weps. It also is heavy ( think it’s light, it has 110% cooldown for melee attacks because it’s heavier than steel).Which totally makes sense – something with lead is gonna be heavy as hell, but won’t hold a sharp edge. It also makes superior armor against blunt attacks.
  • Maybe put a select few that combine: Rose Gold + Slate = Byzantine Mosaic floor design (of multiculural trade) Brass + Marble = Roman Mosaic floor design (of empire & legislation) Orichalcum + Sandstone = Luxor Mosaic floor design (of grand minimalism) Electrum + Limestone = Atlantis floor design (of progressive warmth & fluid light) Couldn’t find a use for Sterling Silver besides jewelry. Is Plumchalcum the purple mat?Perhaps combine with Concrete to create dark-lined purple Stamped Concrete (creatively tiled, making it beautiful as opposed to standard Concrete).Considering, maybe create a Mod that introduces:stone slab ‘Titanium Travertine’, which has innate intricate details to supportexceptionally high beauty when laid down as flooring, walls or furniture, is very expensive (trade?),very difficult to work with, but doesn’t require making into blocks (as it’s a slab type).
  • The forum version was sortof an experimental update. With steam, players would be forced to update to the new version, which could cause problems with existing saves. For that reason, I chose to wait until A18 to add the new stuff.For the cleanliness issue, this was a mistake on my part with setting the material stats. I gave the ores stats that shouldn’t show up unless they were used in building. As far as stuff like the butchers table, the table itself doesn’t have a value for cleanliness(which it should), so no cleanliness is applied to it
  • Dave Looks like a mod conflict, it works fine for me. Try moving this mod higher in the mod listThe bauxite name should have given it away, but I was trying to keep it simple to match the base game. None of the ores could really be used in their ore state and would require additional processing. I played on an old modpack that had actual ore processing, but that’s best left to the modpacks. I could make an addon to this that has the intermediate steps for the more hardcore players. Iron and coal would definitely become a part of that mod. I actually didn’t want to add titanium because it was in Glittertech already, but if one replaces the other it wouldn’t really matter since both mods benefit from the same material. I’ll consider it, this mod has too many metals as it is. I wanted to allow all the metals to be optional, but I didn’t have the time to add the feature.SeanMacLeod That would make a great advanced alloy if I add coal

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