MOD Desc
This mod adds several fish-related resources, buildings and activities. See the forum thread for content/changelog.

There is so much water in this world and you always dreamt to eat a fresh grilled fish! Here it comes, the Fish Industry debarks in Rimworld!

– Fishing zone: designate a zone where your fishers can fish. Waters can be dangerous if tailteeths live in this biome.
– Fishing pier: simple building built on water. Allow your hunters to catch safely some fishes. Use corn or rice to fasten fish catch!
– Aquaculture basin: advanced building used to breed some aquatic species. Expensive renewable source of meat. Is unlocked by ‘Aquaculture’ research after ‘Hydroponics’.
– New recipes at the campfire (to cook a grilled fish simple meal).
– Oyster as joy food.
– New meditative joy activity on fishing pier (watching shiny water).

Important notes
– Fishing is a hunting job. The jobs’ priorities are defined as follow: hunting > operating aquaculture basin > fishing at fishing pier.
– You can stop fishing activities by forbidding the pier or aquaculture basin.

Hi, great mod. Makes it super easy to manage food if you dont feel like making colonists grow or hunt. Just build a pier, make your kitchen next to it and boom no food shortages till you have like 8 people.I’ve found that with this mod installed on 0.18(.1722) that my colonists will not hunt even when assigned to hunt as top priority, equipped with ranged weapons, and starving. idk what could cause this but I’ve had to run the game without the mod so I could up my shooting without micromanaging drafted colonists. Any help would be appreciated, as I would like to continue using this mod. I think its on par with mods like MineItAll, Mass Graves, haulers can caul to blueprints, ect. as far as making the game more pleasant to play.Heres my mod list in case that helps(ones I use anyway)HugsLibFuckFriendlyFireSimpleSidearmsAnimalCollabProjHaul To StackMineItAllMassGravesWM Smarter food selectionNo More BoomalopesHaulers Can Haul To Blueprints

Nice concept, but fairly gamebreaking… once you have a few piers up, food pretty much becames a nonsequitor. Not to mention how quickly the piers train the shooting skill… which doesn’t make much sense, considering the pawns seem to use fishing rods… I read in one of the comments below that there are indeed limits, but I feel personally that it’s nowhere near enough. Playing a Tundra map on rough right now with no water but a small marsh. Normally food would be a major concern on a map like this, if not the main concern, at least until hydroponics resarch. Instead I set up close to the little marsh and built 3 piers, the max I could squeeze onto it, and have hundreds of simple meals stocked up after not even one ingame year, and both of my fisherman have maxed out their shooting skills.Again, great concept and fairly good execution, not complaining or anything, just a little constructive criticism. At the moment, this mod is very OP.

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