20th Century Weapons Mod (20CWМ)

MOD Desc
This mod provide a wide range of famous guns from 20th century old Earth history.

WARNING: Need a new game. This mod will increase weapon attack range and weapon damage, making the combat encounters more vivid and brutal(!)

04.06.17 UPD: Craft: SVD, SVU, SR-25



Makarov pistol

+ Language: CHN
thx Mrfengshao

Language: GER
thx KartenSpie[L]

Beretta 92
Desert Eagle
Gewehr 98
Beretta 93R
FN P90
Remington 870
Automatic rifle
Machine guns
MG 3
Special weapons
VSS Vintorez
Heavy weapons
Carl Gustaf M2
Sniper rifles
Remington 700

Weapons list: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/730433288/350542145700634404/

Combat Extended patch by seanandjay29 https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=33542.msg341977#msg341977

Forum: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=22370.0

A16 https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-yHqcGn3826c0M0UXotSy1kTFU

  • I love the variety weapons added, but I really wish that you didn’t choose to make them grossly out of line compared to vanilla weapons. I’d honestly rather just drop this mod instead of having to completely rebalance this absolute mess of a thing again like I did in A17 to be able to use it with a game otherwise balanced around vanilla values. 😡
  • Hi.First of all, I thank you for this mod. If I remember correctly, I downloaded your mod (and others of course) from the ludeon forums, every version that came out of Rimworld before it was in steam. A long time ago … yes, and I see that many moders have continued to create and share with us their wonderful creations.Congratulations on this great achievement. I also hope to see your name in the credits of the game as some of your colleagues who have contributed to the community.Well, after that discurtiso, I have some doubts:* Are all weapons craftable? Or are there variants that are still polishing?* That M2Browning, is it a deployable, fixed turret, or is it a heavy weapon?Sorry for my bad english
  • I love this weapon pack more than any other weapon pack. I think the biggest thing for me that brings it above all the others is how well you handle the reasearch and production of weapons. You set the researches in a reasonable order and you intigrate it with the existing machining bench. Most other weapon packs are either (in my opinion) bad on how the do the reasearch to unlock production of weapons (if they do it at all), or they make you build an ugly work bench to product the guns, or both. Keep up the great work, even if you don’t add any more weapons, I would be perfectly happy with what is in it already. I guess this my way of saying, I hope you update the mod soon, because I really miss it. No rush though!
  • Hi Lipton, thanks for the awesome mod. Have you though about possibly adding South African National Defense Force weapons (Denel manufactured)? – for example the R 1 (licensed FN FAL Conversion – 7.62mm ), R 4 (licensed IMI Galil Conversion 5.56mm) and R 5 (carbine version of R 4) or the Denel NTW-20 (20mm anti material rifle). You see these weapons in movies like District 9, Elysium and Chappie, usually in the hands of rather nasty looking mercs with really scary accents…
  • Is there a separate section for requests? and or do you take them? Could you please add the M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, M3 Grease gun, M1903 Springfield (scoped and iron sights), BAR, the m1919 machine gun and lastly the M2 Browning stationary machine gun. Basically the US weapons during ww2. I know this list is a little long but if you only add one would you add the Garand. Thank you for your work and time. This is a must have mod for me and I really appreciate your work here.

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