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Synthetically created humanoids, commonly called ‘Synthos’, are often used on Glitterworlds to do the things deemed ‘unwanted’ by the populace. They are usually attractive, as anyone on the Glitterworlds would want their servants to be.

Current Version: 1.5

*NEW IN 1.5* Cellular Degeneration, a disease with no cure that eventually results in the part being destroyed. Good thing we have bionics, huh?
Full support for Blood and Stains!

Features: Playable vat grown Humanoids complete with backstories. All syntho are Vatgrown as children but their adulthood is random from a small pool of jobs.
New plant, Enargo, a natual solar cell plant. Grows in the sun.
New meals. Normal/Lavish/Paste. Made from Enargo at various stations.
New power generation based on Enargo. Environmentally friendly.
New clothing and armor.
Two new melee weapons and two new guns. Craftable at the stations you would expect them to be.
Custom start Scenario (plus bonus hard scenario)
Lore friendly (albeit a bit shy on the details)
Works with existing saves (Faction won’t spawn unless you have a mod for that though)
Works with EPOE and RBSE (Mostly, please report bugs)
Enargo Blender for converting old, normal food into fresh Enargo Paste. Should make it easier to start.
E-Gazelle Found in the wild almost everywhere, produces an alternative to Enargo.

The Stats: Generally speaking, Syntho are about 25% better at everything physical.
Mental, however, they are less impressive with. They research 15% slower and learn 10% slower due to the rapid development of their bodies and brains.
They cannot eat normal food either and require energy from Enargo.
Comfortable temperature for both Syntho is 14C to 24C.
They do not have parents.

Glitter Pistol is extremely accurate at close range and moderately at medium but pretty bad at long range. It’s also extremely light so don’t bother using it as a melee weapon. High damage.
Glitter Rifle is accurate at long range, but not at close range. About on par with assault rifle, but better at ranged combat in the long run.
Glitter Knife is just an improved knife that’s more expensive.
Glitter Sword is much the same.

Age Weight Graph
They can live to about 250 years old, with most of them being between 20 and 120 years old.

Known Bugs Wandering pawns that join of their own free can spawn with normal backstories and parent-child relations.

Like what I do?

Updated weapon textures by friend Neil.
and special thanks to Victoria for letting me bounce ideas off her.

  • [Syntho Race] causes compatibility errors by overwriting MealBase in file C:Program Files (x86)Steamsteamappsworkshopcontent2941001234438466DefsThingDefs_FoodEnargo_Meal.xmlVerse.Log:Warning(String, Boolean)AllYourBase.XmlSharedBaseDetection:.cctor()System.Runtime.CompilerServices.RuntimeHelpers:RunClassConstructor(IntPtr)System.Runtime.CompilerServices.RuntimeHelpers:RunClassConstructor(RuntimeTypeHandle)Verse.StaticConstructorOnStartupUtility:CallAll()Verse.PlayDataLoader:m__2()Verse.LongEventHandler:ExecuteToExecuteWhenFinished()Verse.LongEventHandler:UpdateCurrentAsynchronousEvent()Verse.LongEventHandler:LongEventsUpdate(Boolean&)Verse.Root:Update_Patch1(Object)Verse.Root_Entry:Update()
  • Interesting. This could complement the Android Mod really well.Androids are made in factories. Lore-wise, did you envision the synthetics as failed vat-grown experiments? Like, Glitterworlds are trying to genetically-engineer a perfect humanoid species, but unsuccessful and the synthos ended up with appearance like that (attractive but somehow with that stitch-like distinct features), and deemed as ‘failed outcast’ in the society?Or are they were supposed to be like androids, grown in labs to eventually serve and follow orders?Considering how they look, they also could be degradingly called as ‘Dolls’, ‘Bio-Dolls’, ‘Stitches’. LOLWords of hatred like ‘F***in Dolls!’, ‘Useless Dolls’, ‘Ugly Stitches’ (for a portion of the populace who hates their appearance), and public bullying can be something that they face everyday.That could really add depth to the lore. The dark side of a seemingly glittering glitterworlds.
  • I appreciate that you took the time to give actually constructive feedback. I will definitely consider everything you said. I know that as they stand right now, they are kind of OP. Balacing is needed. Particuarly, I appreciate the thoughts on Enargo and cost/performance ratio of weapons. Enargo is working as intended. It has 0.2 nutrition, four are needed to make a meal, and a meal gives 1.0. Rice, comparatively, has 0.05, requires 10 to make a meal, and the meal gives 0.9. I was actually considering nerfing the harvest yield of Enargo. The melee weapons are actually considerably stronger than normal variants but I’ll play around with some tweaks. The Pistol is definitely OP. Accuracy is too high for how much damage it does. Nerf in the next patch.
  • Good call! Android mods are actually what inspired this mod.I see them as originally created in a ‘so curious if we could, we didn’t think if we should.’ situation. Glitterworld Scientists playing god and asking if they can take organ growth to another level and create artificial life. And they did. But it’s not perfect. The pieces are grown individually using rapid aging tech and then stiched together and thrown in a Vat to bond. This process takes about six months from start to finish. As for the beautiful-but-stiched aspect, similar to Androids, the seams are somehow attractive. It became obvious that they are not as cognitively strong as Humans. They became looked down upon and deemed subhuman. While once seen as a massive triumph in science, they became seen as a failure. I really like the idea of calling them Dolls. It plays on the stiches aspect, the beauty aspect, and the faux life aspect. Definitely going to integrate that somehow.Thanks for the asking!

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