Vegetarian Meals Increased Nutrition

MOD Desc
Simple mod increasing nutrition requirements for cooking vegetarian meals from Vegetarian Meals [1.0] with added compatibility patch for Vegetarian Meals Bulk Cooking Patch for bulk cooking vegetarian meals for mods Simple Bulk Cooking, Feed The Colonists, Simply Bulk Crafting), Master of Cooking and RimCuisine 2.

This way vegetarian meals are not that overpowered and there is still a reason to make normal vanilla meals when it is possible as well.

Updated requirements Requirements of a vegetarian fine meal were increased by 25 % and requirements of a vegetarian lavish meal and a vegetarian packaged survival meal by 50 % (as was suggested by ConZ, author of the original mod Vegetarian Meals [1.0].

Meal Original nutrition requirements Updated nutrition requirements Vegetarian fine meal 0.5 (~10 raw food) 0.625 (~13 raw food) Vegetarian lavish meal 1 (~20 raw food) 1.5 (~30 raw food) Vegetarian packaged survival meal 0.6 (~12 raw food) 0.9 (~18 raw food)
Compatibility & other mods Mod is safe to add to your saved games or delete from them.

Required mods Vegetarian Meals [1.0] by ConZ – adds three new vegetarian meals copying vanilla meals made just with raw veggies, berries, milk, eggs or insect jelly in any combination. But made vanilla meals almost useless – this is the reason I decided to make this mod – to ensure vanilla meals still have some useful place in the game when meat is available.

Recommended mods For compatibility patch for Vegetarian Meals [1.0] with all bulk cooking mods listed below use my other mod called Vegetarian Meals Bulk Cooking Patch which adds the same vegetarian meals recipes but now in a bulk version. Nutrition requirements will be updated automatically.

Simple Bulk Cooking by Lanilor – adds an ability to produce meals in bulk – in packs of four. Does not decrease the amount of work needed to make a meal, only saves the time of your cook by allowing him to cook meals in bulk.

Feed The Colonists by PostRobcore – adds an ability to produce meals in bulk – in packs of four. Slightly decreasing amount of work needed to cook a meal. Technically, this mod is not required, my mod is a standalone version but was created especially for this mod to run together so I would say it is reasonable to have this one or some other one of compatible bulk cooking mods as well.

Simply Bulk Crafting by Stein – adds not only bulk cooking options for vanilla meals but also a bunch of new bulk recipes for other common items from Rimworld (drugs, medicine, smelting metal from slag, stone blocks shells and much more).

Master of Cooking by leafzxg and duduluu – adds quite a few new bulk cooking recipes for vanilla meals in packs of 5, 10, 20, 50 and in packs of 10 and 20 for pemmican, wort and kibble. Also adjusts work amount and amount of nutrition required for bulk cooking.

[1.0] RimCuisine 2 Meals and Munchies Expansion from RimCuisine 2 mod collection by Crustypeanut – a vanilla-friendly overhaul of farming that adds more than 40 new crops and a lot of new meals while rebalancing food categories and much more.

Compatible mods Mod should be fully compatible with every other mod. Though if you find any incompatibility, let me know in the discussion below so I could fix it or at least give you a warning.

Known incompatible mods None so far that I am aware of. If you find any incompatibility, let me know in the discussion below so I could fix it or at least give you a warning.

Load order Just load this anywhere below Vegetarian Meals [1.0] and if you are also using my mod Vegetarian Meals Bulk Cooking Patch, load Vegetarian Meals Increased Nutrition below this one as well otherwise you won’t get increased nutrition stats for bulk cooked meals.

Load order should not be affected by any other mods but if you find any problems, just let me know in the discussion below so I can fix them.

External links GitHub repository[]

Credits Original mod: Vegetarian Meals [1.0] by ConZ – I used his meals and just rewrite his code to increase nutrition requirements for every one of his three new vegetarian meals.

License All original code in this mod is licensed under the MIT license[]. Do whatever you might want to do with my mod, but would be nice if you would give me credit for the original mod/idea 🙂

Unassuming, and understated; at first glance, it appears as though Rimworld is a generic colony management game. It’s an understandable opinion, with it’s cutesy graphics, and clean, almost clinical interface, it’s easy to mistake the game for something a child would play. However, you decide to take the plunge, and buy the game.

When the main menu loads, you’re greeted with one of the game’s highpoints – it’s soundtrack. An acoustic guitar riff, gentle and soothing, set against a background of stars, and a distant Rimworld planet. It almost begs to give you a relaxed, ethereal experience. But that, that was just a ruse.

After choosing your colonist(s), and starting location, you are cast down onto the planet’s surface, amidst smoke, wreckage, and supplies. As you begin ticking through the tutorial steps, it finally sets in – this is not going to be easy. The game has a slight learning curve to get over, without a doubt, learning what needs to be built first, what your initial priorities should be, and such. By the time the tutorial steps are over, you’re given enough information to set out on your own – a woefully naive, yet eager, settler.

The game’s difficulty settings provide a large amount of variety to keep things fresh. Three ‘story tellers’ provide different difficulty ramps, as well as provides a slew of sub-difficulty settings that affect the ingame event system, to add even more randomness to things. Needless to say, the game does not lack options. Not doing well in the game? Try choosing Phoebe Chillax as your story teller, set to ‘Base Builder’ difficulty – attacks will be very rare, and events will be far less brutal. Experienced, and ready for hard action? Go hardcore with Randy Random on Extreme, and get a brutally hard curve with lots of random game events.

As noted before, the soundtrack of the game does not disappoint. Laced with acoustic instruments and soft synthetic beats, it feels like it would be right at home on the set of Firefly, The Expanse, or even Deadwood. It’s a great accompaniment to the game’s sound design, which showcases well balanced soundFX across the board.

Visually, the game is on par with other colony management style games, such as Prison Architect. Nothing super detailed, but more than enough to get the job done. The sprites are drawn in a cutesy, simplistic style, and are clean, and easy to read, even when zoomed out. Nothing award-winning here, but certainly a cut above others in the genre, I’d say.

The character backgrounds, and their interactions, are what makes this game for me. Each colonist comes with a rich background of life events, which dictate their skillset and behavior towards others. A child thief who grew up to be a pirate king might have amazing shooting skills, but they might be terrible at socializing and unable to haul things. Conversely, you might have a lovable art teacher who is great with animals, but they are anti-violence and will not fight. All of these story and personality traits change every time you play, and it offers the most diverse, and entertaining experience I’ve had in a game, in a long time.

The ultimate goal of the game is to build a new star ship, and leave the planet. However, most people tend to play the game as a survival challenge, and see how long they can last against the odds (how I like to play). Either way, it’s going to be a long game, and a tough challenge. On top of that, there are a lot of mid-game things to deal with, such as forming trade caravans, forming peace treaties with rival factions, and a slew of other things that get explained throughout the tutorial.

It’s a game you need to invest some time into, to get good at. You’re not going to master Rimworld in 10 hours, or 50, even. I have over 640hrs into the game, and I still have times where I’ll die in a few days to some random series of events. Later down the road, if you get bored with the vanilla game, the Steam workshop also has a HUGE amount of mods (1000+) to expand the game even further. The game will always be a challenge, but will always be rewarding. It’s well worth the price, and the time investment.


Rimworld is a prison architect esk game with matching art and design concepts, but with a tone more gameplay elements and game mechanics….

What makes Rimworld stand out from the crowd is the sheer amount of customization before actually starting your save and during your time through the game.
When making a new save (Starting a new colony) you can choose between a huge amount of options which will in return determine how easy, hard, balanced, fun, boring, interesting, dull, your overall game will be.
To list a few things:

Traits, stat multipliers, in game events, starting items, researched projects, starting location, AID (artificial intelligence director), amount of people you begin with, type of settlement, time of year, size of overall explorable map, and much-much-much more…..

One of the biggest selling points of Rimworld is the ‘artificial intelligence director’. There are 3 AID’s to choose from, the carefully-paced Cassandra Classic, the slower-paced, building-oriented Phoebe Chillax, and the totally unpredictable Randy Random.

Each AID will oversee your game and will make choices based on your performance, like when to start a random event, type of weather, severity of each raid, overall mood of NPC’s, and yet again… Much-much-much more.
On top of the AID’s themselves, you may also choose the play style of them too. (Basically difficulty of each AID)


Very addictive. I’ve not stopped playing since I got this game. I even skipped my doctors appointment today and told them I’ll be there tomorrow instead. – I waited 2 weeks for this appointment.

Unique and well throughout characterized artificial intelligence directors which really do spice up the game and
keep it interesting each new save.

Lovely looking art concept which fits the theme of ‘Rimworld’ and the type of game.

Massive customization



Heatwaves are basically GG. The only way I found to counter them if you haven’t got coolers and electric is to strip all NPC’s of their clothes and turn on Dev console, then force a thunderstorm which only slighty reduces the heat.
Even with the above I still normally failed to counter it and all NPC’s died.
(Please ing fix this dev’s, we beg of you.)

Thing’s go from bad, to worse, to hell real ing quick here in Rimworld.
With my latest Tribe I was around one hour in and suddenly a psychic drone (Some really bad thing off the map which you have no control over) started to make all my people unhappy extremely badly.
10 mins later it crashes to the ground and lands on all my crops, completely wipping out all my food, then begins to freeze the land stopping my from growing anything, to which I’m given a message that I must attack and destory it before it freezes the land more + makes everyone even more unhappy.
I tell my people to attack it when suddely 3 ‘AI’ climb out with lazers & shields and begin attacking my 4 tribes men with clubs.
2 die instantly, and then third goes mental and begins attacking the forth. Only for the AI to then make all animals go mental and begin attacking everything else alive.

Oh and a thunderstorm struck lightning too, burning what was left of my village and surrounding forest.

This kind of happened in every save of my so far, but not quite of that scale tho the above is a true story.

The base game lacks content…. Kinda. For the amount of time it’s been out and for a price tag of £20 there is a lack of (At least early game) content.

Tribe/Colony managementis quite awful. I’d say learn Crusader kings 2 is easier then dealing with your ing people.

Lacks basic simple features which are not game breaking but is a basic concept and should be already implemented.

Conclusion: To answer the question you’ll all asking…. Yes… It is worth £20.
In time this game will be 100x better then it’s current state ( Which is already at a high standard )

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