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AnyPlant: Because two is never enough.
This is my first mod ever. Please let me know if you find any issues.
Special thanks to the fine folks at Ludeon Forums for helping me with some retexturing and for helping me fix that glowstool bug…
Special thanks also to Karmapowered for pointing out an incompatibility with the healroot. Please let me know if the issues with that plant persist.

– Grow nearly any plant that exists in vanilla Rimworld in a pot!
– Custom plants! Cultivate beautiful hydrangeas in three different colors!
– Decorate your colony with bonsai trees!
– Fixed the problem in vanilla where potted roses grow outside the pot! (This fix also affects the vanilla plant pots.)
– Plant crops inside all year round! They’ll grow faster and with less light and are easier to protect from the elements. For balance, harvestable plants only produce half as many resources.
– Even grow your own ambrosia!

In the interest of keeping the game balanced (especially early-game), research is required to unlock the pot as well as the various plants. Ambrosia is intended for long-term research. If you have any recommendations to better balance this mod, I’d love to hear them!

This mod is not intended to replace the normal ways of growing crops outside/in hydroponic basins and should not be relied upon to feed a hungry colony. This is more of a novelty item and is better suited for mid-to-late game.

– I do not recommend adding this to a game in progress. Unexpected things might happen. If they do, please let me know about them.
– I also do not recommend removing this mod from a save file. If you want to try anyway, make sure you’ve deleted every plant pot on the map first (this mod also affects vanilla pots in order to fix the roses).

Prior builds + source can be found here.

  • I’m in the process of rebuilding my mod list for 1.1, and am happy to see that this mod will be part of it too, since it’s been updated. Thank you very much .About the ‘balancing’ of the mod, if you don’t mind my feedback, I can’t 100% recall how it used to work before, but I think I’ve only ever used your pretty flower pots to decorate the rooms of my base, increasing beauty for my pawns but also adding some visual candy for myself.I don’t think any research projects should be added for this mod. To be honest, I just wouldn’t have time for it since the game difficulty I’m playing on doesn’t really give me any wiggling room : it’s always battery > turrets > flak armour > etc., and then probably some projects for the more ‘complex’ mods, like RimAtomics. (1/2)
  • – The current requirements for the pot are 50 wood/stone/metal + 1 component. It’s not impossible early-game, but combined with the research requirements I can see how it could be a bit prohibitive. I’ll look tonight to see what I can do to make it a bit better.- The glowstool bug actually got fixed last night! I loaded it into three of my saves full of slate and everything is fine. It has been updated here. I’m not going to say ‘sure it’s okay to add to saves’ since unexpected things could still happen, but at the very least, the game now knows glowstool is not a rock.
  • Well, instead of altering harvest amounts (I dislike things that punish earlygame to add lategame) you could add in some kind of more serious costs, such as requiring 50 silver above and beyond the materials for each pot (For the mirrors and reflectors required to focus enough light for the plant to thrive) or maybe a small electrical cost… Although this could be ideal as an early-game hydroponics replacer for people who want to stay pre-electricity as long as possible if it’s not electrical. Heh, maybe you could make the special ‘ambrosia pot’ require at least 1/10 ambrosia to build.
  • Flowers growing in a pot shouldn’t require any high-level ‘research bench’, just some water, good care and maybe some dedication and patience.I would be perfectly fine with the pots not yielding any produce, since no one should reasonably use them for that. Gameplay-wise, it’s just not their design. Maybe either completely remove the harvesting feature, or decrease its result in such a significant way that I can hopefully convince you to please keep any further ‘research projects’ away from this mod. There are already plenty of those in my tech tree, and I *never* get to do them (carpets, medieval clothing, etc.) because of the ever-increasing lethality of raids.I really would like to avoid your flower pots the same fate, taking dust so to speak in a corner of my research tab, and I and my pawns never get to enjoy them in game >.
  • Ok. The idea of research seems ok, not thematically but for balance I get it. But the idea of requiring a component?? That seems like overkill both thematically and balance wise. I don’t see how cutting three slots in the bottom of a planter requires the use of a computer chip or complicated piece of hardware. Just doesn’t feel right. I understand that balance needs to be maintained, but surely there’s a better way. perhaps something like tripling the construction time it takes to make it or something would be more appropriate. The idea that you are making it right and taking your time to do it right.I appreciate your work as a mod author though, btw. Don’t want you to think I’m just trolling.
  • ‘Plant crops inside all year round! They’ll grow faster and with less light and are easier to protect from the elements.’ Wasn’t this already possible with Hydroponics basins? Is this like a less fertile, zero-power-requirement version of a Hydroponics basin?Wait… Does this system somehow allow growing plants indoors without requiring artificial light? (If so, is there a glass ceiling or sunroof involved?) ‘For balance, harvestable plants only produce half as many resources.’ I don’t think I’d call that ‘balanced.’ Crops grown in Hydroponics basins don’t produce half as many resources, do they? Growing crops faster seems pointless to me if the yield is cut in half.

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