Protogen! Marley Race Mod

MOD Desc
A mod that I work on in my spare time, and one of the most polished races I have created so far.

Based off of an old version of Jack’s Sergal mod, with his permission to create my own stuff. Very useful friend.

Don’t like some of the aspects to this mod? Use this : Link to play without features like the Zeus weapon.

This mod adds a custom race, Protogen. Adds a new weapon temporarily, and has more of the content used from elsewhere removed.

Adds 2 new traits, No Mither (Exclusive to Protogen) and Flammability. Weapon now has a texture, albeit not that good. Several minute fixes too.

Updated to 1.1, old version for 1.0 remains available and unchanged, may return to fix at one point.

Added the Zeus, a taser which incapacitates enemies as a new weapon, which is part of the research for the custom race.

Updated the Zeus, as to prevent it spawning within trader inventory and in raids. (Will look further into this to resolve.)

Fixed some minor errors that would appear on startup, planning to do more in future.

Added a 1.2 compatiable version for the game.

Short story:
Got this game a week ago. I’ve been travelling a lot, and I kept steam offline, so the time played is very much an underestimate. I must have spent at least a quarter of my waking hours playing this game since I got it. I have never been so obsessed with a game. When I am not on the computer growing my colony, I’m on my phone looking at the wiki, so I can learn what to build and when. It is so much fun, and is so mentally engaging.

Long story:
This is an excellent game. The first couple of hours are slow as you learn about the mechanics of the game and how to keep your colony alive. And you will continue to learn stuff probably until you’ve done a couple of play-throughs. But, once you have an idea of what you can do, you start seeing ten steps ahead. If I start this farm, then I can raise more pack animals and carry more stuff to sell, and then, with enough silver, I can buy that component that I need, so I can do X, etc.

The planning is half the fun. The other half is dealing with the complications that get thrown your way.

That is the key factor to this game that no one can truly understand until they begin to play it. This is a story-generating game. In my first game, even on easy, so much stuff happened both interpersonally, between different tribes, and with mad animals that I was able to talk to my best friend (who doesn’t play/know the game) about the stories it generates. I will literally text him daily updates: the technological progress I’ve made, the drama of who’s sleeping with who, how I demolished a raiding tribe with my autocannons. And he loves it all. That is how intense the stories are that this game develops. It is even fun to hear about second hand.

UPDATE: I loved this game and still love it 4 months later.

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