Wall corners

MOD Desc
Vanilla matching wall corners. Inspired by Corners from Hidalgo.

This mod contains 3 wall types:
Beveled walls wrap seamlessly with vanilla walls and allow for less sharp corners. Stats are identical to vanilla.
Diagonal walls look like half-blocks, are cheaper and weaker, but otherwise behave like vanilla.
Diagonals are experimental and allow for things such as ‘1-tile wide’ diagonal corridors. This is accomplished by turning them PassThroughOnly which also means they don’t block most things.

All 3 types contain horizontal and vertical pieces that help transitioning from diagonal structures into regular stuff.

Since these walls mostly don’t fully occupy a tile, they also allow building floors underneath them.

To do:
Minor fixes around so textures match better.
Improve how doors fit these walls.
Diagonal door?
Perhaps I’ll do rounded corners.

I don’t really go for these survival sim type games, but on recommendation from a friend I picked this up yesterday. Do I recommend it YES, WHOLE HEARTEDLY YES!! Rather than a review (I’m terrible at reviewing stuff) let me give you a rough synopsis of my current colony.

We crash land on a planet, slowly beginning to get our bearings and some shelter, storage and garden built. All of a sudden we notice a Timber Wolf nearby, is it friendly or hostile? Our resident Hunter would rather not take a chance, so breaks out his rifle and fires a number of times. Out of 6 shots, 2 hit their mark, but sadly all this seems to do is the wolf off, who comes charging at our Hunter, he fumbles reloading and ends up having to take off at speed to try and avoid getting eaten, obiviously the Wolf is faster than our Hunter so he’s constantly being nipped at the heals.


A Squirrel has gone nuts and is attacking one of the other colonists, chasing her down until she collapses from her wounds far from base. She needs rescuing, so I send out my final colonist to bring her home. In the mean time our Hunter is looking a lot worse for wear and is slowly making his way back to base with wolf in tow. He just makes it inside in time. Wolf starts banging at the door trying to get in.

Cut to the other 2 colonists, they’re now helping each other back to base, after the Squirrel attack, unaware there is a Timber Wolf trying to get in.

Oh no, he’s seen them, just before they get through the door to safety he pounces, killing one and severely injuring the other. Wolf passes out due to his injuries from the Hunter.

Hunter heres the commotion die down and begins to head towards the door, completely unaware his pet cat, enraged by the smell of blood, attacks him and leaves him immobile on the floor.

So now I have 2 immobile survivors and absolutely nothing I can do, but wait for the infections to set in and kill them.

Just when I had given up all hope, a native comes to our area to join our happy little colony, he carries the injured to their beds, treats their wounds and feeds them, before going to bed himself.

and that my friends is where I have left this story. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

What will your story be?

I really enjoy this game. I haven’t played anything like it before. Learned it pretty quickly and still in the process of mastering it.
The number of mods available is massive. Thanks to this, you will always find new content to try. These mods may improve the graphics, create new scenarios, introduce new features, and fix minor frustrations.
Overall I’d rate the game a 10 because of how much fun it is to play and for its amazing quality. I get attached to the colonists, very invested in building my base, and excited to continue to experiment with new features.
A major plus is how much attention the developer gives to the community. He is very active and works really hard to continue to improve the game.
In an attempt to be more helpful I’ll include specifics:
Gameplay: 9
Graphics: 7 (mods 8)
Controls: 10
User Interface: 7 (mods 8)
Story/Storytelling: 6 (mods 9)
Music & Sound: 8
Replayability: 10
I give the gameplay a 9 only because the combat can be tricky. There are multiple strategies you can use though. And for the gameplay in general, you decide how you want to play.
The Graphics initially made me hesistant but I was so wrong. They are just fine. And they improve with mods because of the additional details added, like more clothing options or more building materials.
The Controls are excellent and it’s easy to both move around and to build.
The UI works very well. Additional settings would be nice. There is a great mod that really improves the colonist bar at the top.
Newer updates have added more storytelling to the game. Such as a Medieval theme. However, it feels like there can be so more much in the base game. I’m including the endgame here because I feel it should wrap up the story. The endgame is lacking. The devloper has been working on this. I’ve read some excellent suggestions from players, including one that both improves the endgame and also makes everything you do for your colony matter. An ending screen or scene that utilizes information about your characters and also makes predictions for their future based on their experiences would really improve the story.
Music is optional and you can change it at any time if you want to. Sounds are at a good level and are very varied.
I strongly recommend trying this game.

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